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Snap Ring OH SH*T !!!! in Los Angeles Please HELP!!

7 October 2001
Ok pulling up to my driveway I down shifted into 2nd and all of sudden 2nd was like a huge hole!! It went into 2nd but it had tonse of play....I mean tons!!! I heard a little bit of gringing noise but I am pretty sure the snap ring blew. Yes she's in the range I check that out months ago but I just crossed my fingers OK so what do I do, DOES anyone Know who will handle in LA?? I usually go to Independent Repair in Redondo Beach, they specialize in Acura and have been around for a while, I think they are Acura certified but will they cover Snap Repair??? PLease help!!!

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Call Larry at NSX Modified in Huntington Beach 714-842-9135. He is the closest I trust and will not rip you off.
A bit further is Mark Basch in San Diego.
I don't recall the number, but the website is www.daliracing.com.
There are dealers in LA that can do it, but I would use AAA or pay the fee to get it towed there. You'll save a ton of money at somewhere like NSX Modified vs. a dealer.
Both these guys can help you.
Thanks soooo much, I thought of Larry but it did'nt make sense until you said pay the extra tow money and I will likely save it in the repair cost..thanks again I'll post tomorrow with an update..maybe you can get a chuckle off my problems...mind as well something good out of it..bummer..You wouldn't know around how much it's going be, I know you cant be exact but...I going back to into the archives and look..thanks

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He doesn't get into the shop until 11am at the earliest. Try to reach him, but I would just tow it there for noon and see him there.
Not sure on the price. If you tell him that Ilya sent you and said he would hook you up, I'm sure you'll get a fair price.
To have a price reference point, I would call a few of the quality dealerships around the US mentioned on this forum and ask how much they would charge.

If he has time today, and you want it done right away, expect to spend the entire day at the shop. I personally love it because I like to watch and learn. Some people would rather get a ride back.

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Has anyone out there had there clutch or snap ring done at Larry's shop?? IF so could you give me an idea of approx cost and time????
Before you commit yourself to the out-of-pocket for the repair, call someone at Honda America headquarters there in California.

If there are any Acura executives who read this board, you guys need to be placed in the stocks for about 10,000 years. It was inexcusable that a recall campaign was not initiated for the snap ring problem.
Oh no, here we go again...
I know Mark Basch usually has a fully rebuilt tranny or two sitting around he can just swap. I believe Larry often has the same. If you have any decent number of miles on the car, that is the way to go. It's much faster and it also gets you everything "as new" inside the tranny case.
She's only got 30k and when it gave out... I only dove about 50 feet into the garage so I do not think I damaged anything at all..but also I didn't like the gumminess of the clutch and I might replace at the same time. I did talk to the Acura Headquarters already, they were very noncommittal, but I need to track down the Regional Service Rep because he's the guy who make the call on how much or if any the will goodwill. I know Larry will do a better job and if I replace the clutch as well, I will get a better quality clutch..... so I got myself a dilemma.. I figure if Acura pays I still end up paying 1200 or 1500 so I don't know what I going to do yet....
I will get a better quality clutch.....

That depends on how you define "quality". By most reports, the aftermarket clutches are not any more reliable than the stock one.
OK heres the word from Acura - worst case senerio is 7K replace whole tranny or best case 2K replace just casing...no comittment from them on Good Willing anthing... they want to bring it in to see...if I do that then they have got me to do the work there...My gut says go with Larry's Shop NSX modified...Damn this sucks....Any word on that Class action Lawsuit ???
I think it is absolutly ridiculous that they put a time limit on a no-charge recall on a high end car.Furthermore, not "all" snap ring problems were honered that were within a short proximity of time is the word out there.Its not like they (Acura) has millions of units sold and would put them upside-down where it would put them out of business.I dont even want to get any more fired up than I already am.OK .....I'm done,now I got that off my chest.Just a thought

Have you talked to Larry yet about a price? If I can get a clutch replaced for under a grand, you may be able to squeak by with around the same to fix your problem. Ask him.
Originally posted by MYNSX:
I think it is absolutly ridiculous that they put a time limit on a no-charge recall on a high end car.

I'm not going to get into this discussion other than to point out there there was never an official recall on this issue, only a service bulletin and a bunch of goodwilled repairs.
Thats Exactly my point and I will drop it after this,I phrased it incorectly."Goodwill".The Acura NSX has everything else right.Quality,fit & finish,performance,handling.I think the goodwill so its called is and should be "expected".After all the goodwilling did calculate to avoid the lesser of two evil's(a class action lawsuit).If they were smart enough to market and build a technologically advanced supercar(which they did)my hat is off to them indeed.It sure as heck was a caculated lesser and somewhat of a "cop out".It is an insult to my intelligence for me to be "greatful" they would correct a problem they sold and I bought.PS..I apologize that this may create a "redundant issue" and aggrevate some of the readers of this post"but". "I" was not here when you had spoke of this issue and this is an issue for me "today" and preferred to speak about it with whoever might be currently interested.That was all

These are cars that came with a three-year warranty and the cars are now ten or eleven years old. Sounds pretty simple to me.
With all due respect."Negligence" and warrantee are two seperate issues.There are many legal battles which prove that.I respect your opinion and it would seem to end there but it really doesn't.If it were a brake pedal that failed I assure you there would be certified letters being sent to every NSX owner immediatly(1st ,2nd',and 3rd', owners).The cost of the recall is wieghed against the potential lawsuits paid out "this is the fact".The problem was the costs incurred to "prove negligence".And costs wieghed against any "legal battle" from any "serious contender" never amounted to an amount that "exeeded" that of the estimated "goodwilling" that would be nessesary.So just because they were able to "get away with it" surely doesn't make it"right".Whether they build an awesome car which in my opinion "does have a soul".I would not let my emotions run away and assume they would not behave like any multi-million company would.Lets call a spade a spade.

P.S I still love MYNSX anyway who cares about the 2,000 set-back to me I concider that minor compared to the pro's the car has to offer.

Originally posted by MYNSX:
If it were a brake pedal that failed I assure you there would be certified letters being sent to every NSX owner immediatly(1st ,2nd',and 3rd', owners).The cost of the recall is wieghed against the potential lawsuits paid out "this is the fact".

...So just because they were able to "get away with it" surely doesn't make it"right".

Keep in mind there are two kinds of "recalls". Those that are safety related (and mandatory by Federal regulations) and those that are not saftey related (and are voluntary). Granted, this should have been a voluntary recall, but it has nothing to do with "getting away with it" because it didn't fall under the "safety" rule which forces a recall.

As far as your point about "The cost of the recall wieghed against the potential lawsuits"...there are definitely situations where thing like that happen...but I would think that has more to do with COVERING UP a defect than deciding to "goodwill vs. recall" a defect. The NSX is produced in such small quantities that I don't see how it could be determined by "cost of recall vs. payout from lawsuits".
I was just making my own point and simply put it should have been a "voluntary recall" thats all.There are certain things a consumer shouldn,t even have to ask for IMO thats just good business.Is it too much to ask for a tranny that shifts properly for a "reasonable" amount of time? PS the safty thing was just an analogy not what you,ve interpreted as.
Good point on paragraph #2.Thats why I cant for the life of me understand if there are so few units produced "why not just recall them all?".It seems that would be the American thing to do.Call me crazy.Maybe I,m being too demanding.

The "getting away with it"thing was more of a look at their stance as is it "cost effective" and well "if the wheel squeeks loud enough" I'll oil it attitude.In other words I think so called "voluntary recalls" or more often driven by loud enough complaints.Although we would like to think they are driven by "vertue"(not sure if thats how it's spelled)but I know what it meens.

I had my snap ring go out at 51k on my 1992 and had the transmission replaced by Leith Acura here in Cary, NC. They charged me (after much haggling and no Goodwill help) $5500 for a new transmission (regular ~$7000) not including the labor... and I found out that the previous owner had the clutch done around 40k for $2200 total...
So good luck with your NSX... Although now mine runs good as new... and she feels really solid.

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Ok then you paint your 92' Spa Pearl Yellow "with a black top please" ,I'll paint mine "Red" and we call it even.Hows next Tuesday in the afternoon.??