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Sneak peak of Lemans/NSX GT project

27 May 2002
Sydney,NSW, Australia
Here is a sneak peak of my almost complete project.

Many thanx must go to SOS, GT ROM, Sorcery, 95MR2Turbo and NSX SAN for installing the bonnet and boot.

I'll have more pics soon.

In the meantime hope you guys like it :)

Here is a preview to my website www.nsxgt.com



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Wow, impressive looking, can i get more pics?!! is that a K craft front bumper and who sells them in the US?!
ktan said:
is that a K craft front bumper and who sells them in the US?!

if i'm not mistaken that is Route KS le-mans front bumper with a lil bit mod to fit the widebody . . .
mackash said:
Very nice! Side view please.

that will be very soon . . .because he is still waiting for his new wheels,

after that its going to be very hot NSX in Aussie :biggrin:
These NSXs are the best example of what can be done with this car, both aesthticly and engineered. No matter how well you get the front end to look you are going to have a hell of a time matching up the rear where, IMO, all the true beauty lies. The LeMans design is the smoothest looking NSX out there.
I was aiming at the no84.. cos I couldnt find another NSX modified/widebody that I liked in Red except the LeMans cars I liked the Sorcery 02' widebody setup but in red it didnt look right and I wasnt confident any1 in Australia was capable of pulling out the engine and back in.

As NSX said I'll take sideshots once the wheels go on which is this weekend along with the racing look decals.
I saw the real car at the Honda Collection hall a few years ago...I wanted to take it home with me.

It'll be interesting to see how close you get it.

If it were me (I've always wanted to do what you're doing, but alas, I have no money), I'd paint the hood red, try to get those Speedline wheels and everything. As cheesy as this may sound, probably do the decals too...and try to get every sticker right, not a single one out of place....ie a real replica of the GT-2 NSX that won LeMans in it's class back in '95.

On the plaque beside the car is printed:

"The old man could raise the roof with his yelling, but Soichro Honda was always nice to us racers. Before a race he would talk about girls to help us relax. Even after switching from motorcycles to car racing, I wanted to win in a Honda car and see his crinkly, smiling face. So, when we won our class in the 24 Hours of Le Mans the first thing to come before my eyes was his smiling face and my words of thanks were, "Hey, Mr. Honda, I finally won again in a Honda after 34 years." - Kunimitsu Takahashi, class winner in Honda NSX at the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans, 8th over all.

2,977 cc DOHC VTEC V6 4-valve, 390PS, 1,050 kg.

I love that car!
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The real NSX LM24 had TwinTurbo I believe?

so you need to put that one too :biggrin:
Timpo said:
The real NSX LM24 had TwinTurbo I believe?

so you need to put that one too :biggrin:

I think the GT-1 car had a turbo....Wasn't #84 in GT-2 n/a?
Even though its Lemans inspired I'll have my own unique touches and I do have sponsors to represent.