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Big McLargeHuge’s 1990 JDM NSX Adventure Thread

Merry Thanksgiving-mas!

Same excuse as always, I've not completed any big projects recently but there's plenty of smaller things I've been collecting but neglecting to post until now.

Petit LeMans 2022. Just being here was a minor miracle as it was meant to get completely rained-out by Hurricane Ian. At the last minute, the hurricane took a different path eastward and we ended up with a beautiful October day.

This year we didn't have the big Acura/NSX get-together like last year unfortunately. Still, even though I wasn't invited to the corral I managed to sneak in behind Mark's car ;)

Another minor project complete that I've been putting off for months is replacing the shrinking windshield trim. I went the easy route and just replaced the rubber and not the lower molding. I say easy, but it still took a few hours. Mainly cleaning out as much old sealant as possible and cutting away some fastener at the ends so it would actually fit flush against the windshield. Not a fun time.

Eventually I succeeded with nearly no adhesive added except a dab on the ends to keep them down under the pillar covers. So far no issues with lifting at-speed despite not replacing the lower molding.

I also figured it was a good time to start buying more from overseas considering the favorable USD exchange rates.

Other content will be split into subsequent posts.
Another Jzilla Car Control/Instructor Clinic

This might be the main reason I procrastinated so long in posting, I'm not much of a videographer.

I decided somewhat at the last minute to sign up for another Jzilla clinic for autoX/skid pad stuff. This one was more instructor-training focused and was just a day trip for me over to Barber Motorsports Park, but allowed for a lot more seat time doing the fun stuff.

They had a secret shopper setup where the instructor-in-training wasn't told if their driver was actually a staff member or a rando like me, but I ended up convincing one trainer that I was actually a secret instructor so my driving couldn't have been too bad ;)

Full skid pad experience, this time was a big improvement over the first time. Also why I don't take the car out in the rain on these tires anymore, lol.

Finally, at the very end of the day I got a bit overzealous and overcooked it on one corner which made for a nice clip.

Good times were had and I just about cooked this set of Indy 500 tires. New, likely different set likely coming next year after my rebuild project.
Moving Time

Most of the reason it's been slow on the NSX front is that, like I'd been mentioned, I finally moved to Colorado temporarily for a work project. Duration likely until at least June 2023. Don't worry, more money for parts hoarding :).

Speaking of procrastination, I "got around" to replacing my Scion tC's accessory belt tensioner pulley bearings after buying the replacement ones 3 years ago. As part of my 1,500 mile road trip prep I figured it was about time, and the old ones were pretty well toasted. I did have to tilt the engine about 20 degrees to remove one super long bolt but the actual bearing replacement was pretty easy and satisfying.

Off for one last mountain drive before being put away for at least a few weeks.

Mandatory stop along the way.

I actually saw another NSX around Knoxville! Of course it would be nice if the focus wasn't on the windshield but time was short.

Travel day 3/3 somewhere in Kansas, which goes on forever.

It took a few weeks for me to settle into the new apartment, but since I had to leave my poor NSX behind I needed something else to scratch that itch and Turo had a very cool STI "to let". My plan was to drive up to the summit of Pikes Peak on a Thursday in the off-season which was risky but probably the least-crowded time to go.
(can see Pikes in the background, view from the Garden of the Gods park overlook)

Also, I got a new phone (Pixel 7 Pro) so no more complaining about the horrible pictures from my old Galaxy Note 8!

Making my way up, at about 10,000 ft now.

Unfortunately, it ended up snowing at the last minute <1" the day I had planned to summit (Thurs) so I delayed until that Friday in hopes that the last 6 miles would re-open, but no such luck. I made it to about 11,500 ft before the road was closed.

Though getting to the summit didn't work out, the mountain roads to/from Denver to the foothills of Pikes (i.e. Woodland Park) were incredible to drive and with very little traffic. I definitely want to try again, probably right before the busy season in May and rent another cool car to make it more interesting. The STI was great to drive and much different than the NSX, though I have to say I like my car better still ;). One day I want to take it up here on another road trip.

Side trip to the Forney Museum of Transportation in Denver which had this little display. Worth a visit if you're in the area.

Plus, cheese car.

Finding alternate methods of getting my fix with the local Denverites :whistle:

That about clears my backlog of stuff, I don't anticipate having too much more NSX-related until I get back mid-2023 and then it's off to the races again. Of course, I have to be ready for NSXPO 2023 which happens to be in Atlanta this time. The community around ATL (and the Southeast) is very active and they've done a great job of bringing NSXPO back to the Southeast and organizing for the event. I haven't been much involved being out of state, but hope that will change closer to Sept/Oct 2023. Hope to see a lot of forum & other friends attend, we've had people drive here from TX and Ontario for smaller events so distance shouldn't be an issue ;).
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That wet skidpad looked fun.
When we were able to try that at NSXPO (@VIR) it took some practice to get the car to slide well.
In fact, I ended up using the technique Senna made famous in one of his Monza prototype NSX videos.....letting go of the steering wheel to let the caster unwind it since a manual rack requires more movement ;^D
It's worth a try for all NSX owners, I think :). The hard water spots after are not much fun though.

I can try letting Jesus take the wheel next time, as you can see my hands were very busy ;). As another instructor told me, I tended to stab the throttle to try and bring the back end in balance rather than applying a consistent, small throttle input once the car is sideways, but it's a very fine line. Hopefully we can organize something similar for NSXPO 2023. I think Atlanta Motorsports Park makes a lot of sense for a track venue since Road ATL seems out..
say what..no RA for expo :eek:
It's been a while so I'm feeling left out on the build updates.

I went about finally fixing my fog lights. They were working intermittently or not at all before. The back of the housings has surface corrosion that I'll likely end up restoring in a future project, lord knows I'm not buying new ones at $800 a set.

One of the harnesses had a split in the insulation which allowed corrosion of the black wire, which hardened over time and was making for a bad connection.

Minor harness surgery to repair. Most of the wire had some level of corrosion inside so I spliced in a large replacement wire. Ideally I would've gone all the way up to the connector and re-pinned it but didn't have spare WPC terminals/seals.

Two new bulbs later and we're in business again. I like using them as DRLs at dawn/dusk to lessen the chance of a clapped-out Altima driver with no insurance pulling out in front of me.

At some indeterminate point in the future I'd like to do an LED DRL/turn signal retrofit and maybe I'll retrofit the fogs as well, but they're pricy/rare enough that I might save them and fit some new fog housings instead.

Otherwise, I dropped off the car last week to have to exhaust alignment fixed and to move the test pipe flange away from the U-brace. They did a decent job and I removed the dumb looking spacers and replaced the OEM bolts so that's sorted. The alignment of the tips is much closer, still not 100% perfect so I'll try again with the CRF adjustable brackets. They also fixed the stripped front engine mount bolt, I suppose I'll see how robust it is the next time I drop the front beam.

Furthermore, by the recommendation of a member of the car club I'm in, I took the car to Butler Tire which is a pretty well-known wheel & tire shop in ATL to get a second opinion on my alignment issue.

Long story short, they did a much better job in much less time. They were able to get my caster in spec, and matched the front camber as intended. I paid out the ass for a very minor adjustment but everything is sorted. Third time's the charm..

Both shops commented on the slop in my steering rack at lower speeds, I'm fairly positive I'm in need of a EPS rebuild. I know Matt @ NSX Rack Repair has glowing reviews and I'm sure they'll do a good job, but $1900 whole-ass dollars + shipping + misc parts kills a small part of me. I'm sure it's worth it though, just need to save a bit more.

Of course, I could get a manual rack and do away with the EPS altogether for about half the price and quicker turnaround. It would probably have to come overseas from JP and I'm sure shipping would be a few hundred, but it eliminates a ton of complexity and control modules from the car (i.e. the EPS computer and the A/T computer). I dunno really, I kind of like the EPS and I'm sure it'll feel great after a rebuild, and it's kind of novel to have a M/T with EPS in an early model NSX. I'm open to suggestions or anecdotes, it'll be a few months until I get around to it.

Lastly, I'm working on commissioning a frame measurement report from some locally recommended body shops to see if everything is up to snuff. Not somewhere I ever wanted the car to go near, but I need to see if anything further needs to be done to the area that was previously repaired in JP. I've held off on further parts procurement until I get a clear idea of how much money (if any) I'll have to spend to get the car completely sorted. Partly for my own peace of mind, partly for a future buyer/owner that would want the info. Either way, everything suspension-wise is finally back in spec.
Man that was a while back :). The crossed-out 7.5° that changed to 7.2° was the alignment shop telling me that 7.2° was the actual reading and the printout hadn't been updated. I doubt they actually tried changing the caster since it's a fairly unique process on the NSX. It involves loosening two nuts on the compliance pivot to rotate the adjusting cam washer, which can be very difficult since the parts involved are known to corrode and seize together. I would expect mine are likely seized together, but I've never had to adjust the caster myself and it was likely brought into spec by the shop changing the camber and toe instead.

If your question was more about what the actual procedure is, you can find it in the 1991 factory service manual page 18-9.
Quick update after a short trip back to the homeland in GA - as expected my stay in Denver was extended until this November so my poor car will have been mostly sitting for a year. Still hoarding those rebuild parts, and adding even more to the list ;).

Ready for a nice weekend on the town, I was doing my pre-flight inspections of the car after sitting for about 1.5 months and did not expect to see cords showing on both rear tires...I was hoping to last until about Sept. when NSXPO is happening but looks like now's the time to replace my Firestone Indy 500's. This was at about -3.5deg rear camber, I want to get to -2.5 or lower but that will happen when I replace the rear beam bushings with eccentric ones in the near future.


The Indy 500 were a good street and light track/autoX tire in the end. 340 treadwear rated with good dry grip that lasted through a few autoX sessions and mountain drives, pretty horrible wet traction. Relatively quiet and compliant on the road which made for a nice road trip tire. After I while, I wasn't too much of a fan of the 205 front and 265 rear though. Next time I might try the Maxxis VR-1 for a bit more aggressive and better fitting option on these wheels.

Fortunately I was able to find a set of the tires I wanted in the area for next-day install and went to Butler Tire in Alpharetta to get the job done. They cater to the higher-end car crowd as evidenced by the Ferarri 360, 911 GT2, and 1000HP+ Trackhawk in the parking lot. I think the car looks even more like a fighter jet in the air without wheels.

I suck at pictures but here's the fresh bois right after install. Ever since reading bogle's LMGT4/Falken RT660 build journey (note these wheels are 0.5" wider on F/R), the Falken Azenis RT660 was at the top of my list for a replacement set.


Front fitment


Rear fitment

Post-much needed washing

Goddamn I love how these look vs. the old Indy 500. They fit fantastic on these wheels with squared sidewalls and are still within the recommended 0.5" of the wheel width.

Performance wise, these aren't in the same class as the Indy 500 which is immediately apparent. On top of the extra 10mm of contact on both front & rear (previously 205/265, now 215/275), these things feel & sound like you're glued to the road. Very excited to get them out on track during NSXPO, hopefully at AMP which likely will land on my birthday :).

Immediate impressions are: RT660 are incredibly sticky, pick up and throw every pebble on the road, very stiff sidewall and non-compliant, incredibly loud on certain road surfaces (concrete especially) and sound like you're ripping an infinitely long strip of velcro or masking tape off the road while driving. Somehow that feels very confidence inspiring, but certainly a downgrade on longer trips since road NVH is much worse than before. I could be imagining things but I think I can feel the slight extra rolling resistance as well making the engine work a little bit harder. Worth it? Probably.

Wheel & Tire Specs:
Front: 17x8 +38
Rear: 18x10 +35
Falken Azenis RT660
Front: 215/40-17
Rear: 275/35-18

Ok, back to CO for another few weeks, counting down the days until September.
Looking good!

Check your speedo now against a GPS, because if your car is like ours it'll be spot on with the 275/35/18's on the back :cool:
Looking good!

Check your speedo now against a GPS, because if your car is like ours it'll be spot on with the 275/35/18's on the back :cool:
Thanks! I think the relative wheel speed should be about the same for the same diameter & aspect ratio tire, does width matter? I'd say my speedo was +/- 1mph vs. GPS speed beforehand.
Prep for NSXPO 2023

I'm back! And I have plenty of pics & videos saved up from this year's NSXPO in Atlanta.

First off, some prep work for NSXPO, specifically the track day on 9/28 held by Chin Track Days at Atlanta Motorsports Park.
-Oil change w/Valvoline VR-1
-Brake fluid flush w/Motul RBF 600
-Trans oil change w/Torco MTF

During tech inspection and brake re-greasing - I discovered one of my rear caliper slide pin bolts had started backing off :eek:. Because of that, I think it let water get into the slide pin cavity in the caliper and rusted it horribly. It was brand new when I did my brake rebuild last year...

Bad pin on the left *after* wire brushing it. New pin purchased from my local Acura dealership and installed, brakes greased, and all the pins installed with blue threadlocker.

Next up is the NA2 NSX-R front anti-sway bar from Science of Speed. I did some digging through past sway-bar discussions and decided to match the OEM setup from the NA2 cars with a much larger front bar and original size rear bar. From my limited autoX experience I found that the rear end on my setup was a bit looser than I wanted and tended towards oversteer, so I tried to move towards a more neutral balance by stiffening up the front bar (tending towards understeer).

The difference is apparent looking at the bushing sizes, new ones and part # on the right.

I had new sway bar(s) on the to-do list for a long time but never really wanted to swallow the price tag. I looked at getting the setup from overseas but the shipping was so high for the long box that the SoS listing was the better option for turnaround time.

I also bought the Cedar Ridge adjustable front sway bar links thinking that I would need them to clear my suspension setup, but it turned out that the OEM links worked better since their threaded ball end portions were slightly shorter and interfered less with my coilovers. I'll be listing the CRF links for sale soon, otherwise they seem like a great product :).

Afterwards, a "quick" (for me) finishing polish and detail to clean up some love marks from the past 2-3 years of use. This is surprisingly the first time I have gone over the whole car and re-done the ceramic coating since my purchase in 2020.

All cleaned up and ready to get dirty again at the track :)
NSXPO 2023 'Lanna Georgia

My first NSXPO fittingly hosted in my hometown, so I didn't have an excuse to be absent. This post will be pictures and I'll put videos in the next one.

Day 1 - 9/28/23
My first track day! Hosted by Chin Track Days at Atlanta Motorsports Park. Up nice and early at 6AM for a short drive over to AMP for tech inspection and driver's orientation. I came in with some idea of what to expect, and at the end of the day things went even better than I had hoped :)

Thanks to Alejandro Aviles for these two pictures of me coming off of my first sessions of the day @ AMP

My own much worse picture of me in the paddock.

Halfway through the day everyone gathered on the track for a parade lap and staging for pictures. I ended up driving Peter Cunningham (NSXCA President 😳) to the staging point without realizing who he was, but he was cool about it and showed me some great pics from the past and his racing team.




The videos in the next post are even better. Being a novice driver, I was paired with my first instructor that unfortunately had to cancel, but Chin was kind enough to then pair me with pro driver Blake Fuller (3x Pike's Peak Hillclimb winner and first Honda driver to win at Pikes 🤯). Please see the vids in the next post below...

Overall fantastic day. More details in the next post but I gotta find a track car to buy...the NSX is fantastic but I worry too much about it long term.

Day 2 - 9/29/23
Karting at AMP was fun for multiple reasons, mainly that someone mauled the barrier separating the short & long tracks on the out lap and the session turned into a complete free for all as people went onto the wrong track 😂. Honestly, the AMP public karting experience has never had the greatest management but the NSXPO team did a great job organizing everything despite that. Still fun and would recommend doing at least 3 sessions if you end up going yourself, the track is very fun and lots of room for imrovements on lap times.


My first time seeing an actual NSX-R in person in the kart paddock. The owner is much braver than me driving it this much around ATL, but it's nice seeing it used as a car instead of a museum piece. In a beautiful Brooklands Green color with all the right OEM pieces.

Clean and simple OEM engine bay. I'm almost there save for the engine cover, and, y'know, the engine itself.

I had to do some interior recon for inspiration to use on my own car. I've been wanting to get the NSX-R console, side trim, and steering cover pieces for a while since I like the matte black look a lot but didn't have a great reference to use for what they look like in reality. The full suede interior w/red stitching also looks great and I might end up using some of that myself soon. Thanks to the owner for allowing me to poke around a bit in their very special car.

Afterwards for my run group was a classic north GA mountain drive. I've done the route many times myself and it was even better with NSX friends. There's always a chance you get stuck behind a trailer going 20 MPH but we were fortunate and had plenty of clear road to have responsible fun.

It was already a long day, and after braving (heh) ATL traffic for several hours everyone made it to the Braves game that night. Great hanging out with everyone, meeting new people. and starting a full stadium wave in our section :).

Day 3 - 9/30/23
The NSX Concours that I was very late for ;). Sometimes it's better to stay in the host hotel but being a 30-40 min drive away from my house it just didn't make sense for me.

This was probably my favorite event besides the track day, just meeting and talking with a bunch of owners and others, hanging out, talking cars and life, and seeing other people's builds for a few hours.

This would've been my People's Choice if I voted, @nsxlife's incredibly clean and daily driven NSX-T. Super inspiring to drive all the way from Cali with over 300k miles on the clock and be able to keep the car in this nice of a condition. Again, taking inspiration from other's builds, the Mode 4 bumper on this looks (good) sick, but I might be biased since the OEM purple is also my favorite color. I'll keep my red/black car, but maybe the Mode 4 front will be in my future.

Finally, the banquet and presentations at the Delta Museum next to the Hartsfield airport. Again, I was fashionably late and my poor car didn't make it into the group photo but it was a great time nonetheless :).

Local celebrity Edward "Bouillon Cube" Bolian was also in attendance with his Murci.

Great choice of venue by the NSXPO team and great food as well. I ended up winning the silent auction offered by NSX Rack Repair for the EPS rack rebuld service, so once I move back to ATL from CO for good I'll finally be able to cross that big item off my project car checklist.

Day 4 - 10/01/23
Caffeine & Octane with the NSX crew. Again, far from my first time attending the show but it was another great time hanging out with everyone. I forgot the exact count but maybe 110 NSXs in attendance? Definitely the most ATL has seen in many years. Weather throughout the weekend was near-perfect which was another plus.

I don't have many pics from the show but here's a new Lotus Emira in person for the first time. Very cool in person but it's hard not to think of it like a baby Ferrari 488 from some angles.

Thanks to the ATL NSXPO crew for putting on a great event for everyone, I know the community appreciates it and I certainly do too. It was a much-needed break from the work grind for me and I made some invaluable connections with new & old community members. The only loser will be my bank account from all the new parts I've been inspired to buy 😩.
(you can tell it's Alejandro Aviles' photo again because of the way it is)

Excited to see the itinerary for NSXPO 2024 in Dallas, TX. I'm hoping life circumstances will allow me to attend again, I need more longer road trips under my belt :cool:. Similar to the very first drive I did in the car right after purchasing it from Houston, TX and driving it in a day back home to ATL.
awesome review, thanks! The instructor must have been reaching for the controls in his mind multiple times:LOL:
Chin Track Days @ Atlanta Motorsports Park - NSXPO 2023
Here's a few videos of my first trackday experience in any car at AMP. I've always wanted to take the NSX on track and figured there'd be no better opportunity than an NSXPO event at one of my "home" tracks. I did one backwards parade lap at a Why2K car show back in 2021(?) and some karting at the other track but nothing at speed on the main track.

Being a baby driver I was in the novice/green class paired with my instructor, Blake Fuller. Very, very cool and gracious dude and I'm super fortunate to have had him coach me during the day.

Here's a compilation video of some of my fly-bys during the first session of the day. Thanks to jadensx/Russell for taking all of these from the observation deck and sending them over. I always forget how much of a pain in the ass video editing is even for simple short clips so that they come out in full rez and 1080p:

Apparently I unwittingly stole Peter Cunningham's car #42, it seems like a popular one that might have some deeper life meaning 🤔.

I forgot that I used the Droid Dashcam app to force video recording on my phone, so unfortunately (or fortunately?) my first-ever track session is lost to time. The phone also picked up mostly wind noise during hot laps so our radio chatter isn't easy to pick out.

Here's the second green driver session:

Here's the third green driver session. My only self-timed lap starting at 11:32 to 13:18 for a lap of 1:44:35 below:

Here's my final/fourth green driver session. This one's my favorite, can start at 8:08:

Here's my instructor Blake taking the car for a lap or two during the end of day all-drivers Happy Hour:

My thoughts summed up:
  • Damn that was fun.
  • I didn't spin out or otherwise break my or someone elses's car.
  • Session 4 was my favorite chasing the NC1 NSX Type S for almost the whole session. If nothing else give that one a watch. Being a sitting duck in my NA1, I pointed them by early in the session and had a fantastic time trying to keep up for the remainder with a gracious point-by on the front straight at the end to cap it off. Everyone was looking out for each other during the day and I hope my future track days can be as fun.
  • I didn't time most laps but on what I consider a relatively clean & clear one I hit 1:44:35. I'm sure I could've been flat out on the last long sweeping corner but didn't want to sent it into a wall either.
  • The NSX is very well-suited to AMP's shorter and more technical course. The NSX-R short gearing jives very well with the track and I didn't have to hand-over-hand turn with the slow steering ratio in the corners. And no, I did not hit the 120 mph JDM speed limiter on the straight like I was worried would happen ;). I think my max speed was about 108 mph.
  • The NA2 NSX-R front anti-sway bar seems to have made a huge difference in handling to me. As always, subjective opinions from an inexperienced driver but the front end seemed much more planted and the car overall felt more neutral coming out of corners. I wasn't going balls-to-the-walls during the day but the car never truly had anything more than very slight oversteer on one corner.
  • The Falken RT660 are fantastic tires. Never felt greasy or wanting for grip, which means I wasn't really driving them to their max capacity but for my needs they were perfect. I feel like the previous Indy 500's I had would be fine for a lap or two and fall off quickly, but these didn't falter the whole day.
  • I absolutely smoked the EBC Yellowstuff pads I've been running for about a year. Still okay for steet use with pad life left but they were literally pouring smoke from the fronts after session 4. Fortunately my instructor Blake reassured me that it wasn't cause for concern but for future track days it would help to get more track-oriented pads. They still performed very well with little noticeable fade.
Thanks again to Chin for organizing the event and to Blake for volunteering to instruct me. I had an incredible time and improved a lot throughout the short day with his help.

Here's a bonus video of Blake thrashing a new Model 3 Performance that day too. Featuring 4-wheel drifts 😆:

Now, there's a certain former time-attack car sitting in my car club's storage for years that I've been thinking a lot about recently 🤔
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I'm so glad you got to attend NSXPO! And your car looks amazing.
Me too! Hope I can make it to Dallas next year, that should be nearby to you too ;). Thanks a bunch.

awesome review, thanks! The instructor must have been reaching for the controls in his mind multiple times:LOL:
Thanks! The one that gets me too is that the passenger door auto-locks once the car starts moving and has to be manually unlocked lol. It's just as weird for me to be in the passenger seat on the other side watching someone else drive my car 😵‍💫
Me too! Hope I can make it to Dallas next year, that should be nearby to you too ;). Thanks a bunch.
I'll be there. :) I'm hoping the circuit will be motorsport ranch. I may tow the Zero down- S Zero life means the car is pretty loud on the highway. :)

You're looking nice and smooth out there. The NSX is such a fun track day car. Get the Endless MX72 Plus and you won't have to worry about changing pads anymore. Dusting isn't that bad and they're silent.
I'll be there. :) I'm hoping the circuit will be motorsport ranch. I may tow the Zero down- S Zero life means the car is pretty loud on the highway. :)

You're looking nice and smooth out there. The NSX is such a fun track day car. Get the Endless MX72 Plus and you won't have to worry about changing pads anymore. Dusting isn't that bad and they're silent.
Catch you there!

Thanks for the recommendation, I will look into those for my next pad swap. If anything, the EGC yellows seem to last for quite a while.

Also late reply to bump the next update to pg. 16 ;)