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Solid "spherical" bushings

Did not have a lot of time to work on the car these last weeks. Finally, all the bushings are pressed in. Position on the upper arms adjusted to align with the threads on the beam (the holes in the bushings do not let a lot of margin).
Now the big tetris begins.



Done ! Took longer than expected because I realised that my lower rear ball joints on the knuckles had play. Fastest option was to get used knuckles from ATR. I also had a lot of problems getting some ball joints out. The 3 on the left and the upper right went out without problems. The remaining 2 on the right are totaly welded in their sockets. But well, now it is behind me.

Next step : alignment !
So I decided to go with these settings. We will see how it works.

Angles are in minutes which is a shit to read.

- I reduced a bit my front camber. I was not far from -4° before. Now with ~ -3.30 °, it should be better.
- I opted for a fairly neutral front toe and a caster in the stock specs.
- I kept the rear camber (-3°) and toe settings (in specs) as before.