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SOS – Slow Shipping on In-Stock Parts and Charged Me For Something I didn’t Order

25 April 2005
Western PA
This is my second order placed with SOS in all my years of NSX ownership. I ended up cancelling my first order for JDM gears after waiting over a month for them when I was told it would just be a few weeks max. That was due to customs I was told, so I let it slide. After my second purchase just recently, I’m not so sure. After speaking with others, this seems to be a common problem with them.

So, here’s my recent experience:

Order placed and paid on August 4th. Was told all parts were in-stock except for the custom pistons. I asked for them to go ahead and ship the in-stock parts and they agreed:

From: ScienceofSpeed Info [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, August 04, 2011 1:39 PM
To: xxxxxxx, DAVID
Subject: order 20944

Hi Dave,

Please see attached for order…we have the NEW clutch in stock, so we'll charge your card for $4385.75 today and get everything on its way except the pistons, which should follow in approx 3 weeks.


Bryan Meier
Internet Sales

August 19th – I called them and asked about the status of my order. They said they hadn’t shipped anything…. So, I asked them again to ship the in-stock parts and they agreed to send them out that day. Sorry – I don’t have the name of the SOS employee I spoke with.

August 25th emails:
From: ScienceofSpeed Info [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, August 25, 2011 12:57 PM
To: xxxxxx, DAVID
Subject: RE: order 20944

Hi Dave,

Very sorry…I was not aware that your items had not been shipped. Your pistons show an ETA of 9/16; all other items are marked as in-stock and reserved for you, so I have printed the order and instructed our shipping guy to get everything on its way to you (should leave here by tomorrow).

You should receive all items but the pistons by Fri 9/2. If you do not receive a UPS tracking email by Friday eve, please let me know.

Thanks for your patience,

Bryan Meier
Internet Sales

From: xxxxxxx, DAVID [mailto:xxx@xxx]
Sent: Thursday, August 25, 2011 7:32 AM
To: ScienceofSpeed Info
Subject: RE: order 20944

It’s been three weeks and I haven’t received ANY parts. When will I get my clutch, LMA’s, fuel pump, etc? I understand the pistons will be awhile.

Please send me tracking numbers for the stuff that was apparently sent out three weeks ago.


They were finally delivered on the 31st, 27 days after they said the in-stock parts were going to be shipped. Thankfully I didn’t need anything right away. But what bugged me was the exorbitant shipping costs they charge for this poor service (everything was well-packaged though).

The icing on the cake was looking at the final bill and realizing they charged me (a discounted) $10 for one of their black SOS polo shirts I did not request. I like black, but not for shirts, and I surely don’t want to advertise for them with the poor service I had received.

It’s funny, other folks complain but I’ve never had a problem with communication or shipping with Dali. I also realize this is the first negative marketplace feedback for SOS but wanted to inform others.

hi Dave --

I'm sorry you had a poor experience and thank you for your feedback.

We've implemented a new customer order contact system which is finally up and running. I'm glad to see we had everything in stock except the custom made pistons when you placed the order, but disappointed to see we didn't ship these when you requested us to do so. I apologize. Regarding the t-shirt - if we sent you something you did not order, we'd be happy to take it back shipping pre-paid. Please drop us an e-mail, and I will set this up.

thank you,
-- Chris
I really need to chime here since I have first hand experience with both companies. I have spent well $40,000 with SOS on parts and service over this year and have had the highest degree of first class service... If something didn't happen as plan there was a detailed reason for it and I was kept in the loop. I can understand your impatience since I can be that way too, but I own a company where I sometimes depend on outside sources for things that are out of my control. I generally give people a break when they are straight up with me and honest.

I sent my NSX to them to do a rebuild and mods which were very extensive. While there they accidentally scratched my new rims on one side. I and they weren't sure how or when it happened, but they not only owned up to it. but offered to order me 2 new rims, send them to me, have them changed out all at no costs to me what so ever. Now this type of service is first class and deserves being acknowledged.

As for as Dali is concerned I have attempted to order several times from the on to have horrible service. One time they might send something, the next time they don't and don't send me any information or return any emails. I end up having to go to Paypal to get my money back. I have finally written them off and deleted them from my bookmark. They are a one man show and show is a key word here. Hit or miss, you have had good service, then all I can say is wait eventually you won't. And when you won't why don't you try calling them, oh they don't have a phone number. He only answers emails at his convenience or if he wants to. No way to run a business, more of a club.


I'm glad to hear you're trying to improve.

It's more the principle that counts - But since you brought up the point of returning your $10 polo shirt, I'll take you up on it. You can go ahead and refund the money you charged me for it on my CC, send out a SAS envelope for it to fit in, and then I'll send it back.