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Sound comes and goes from passenger door speaker...


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12 August 2003
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For the past few months, sound comes and goes from the passenger-door speaker. As of late, it's mostly gone (from the right speaker) but does come back randomly for a very short bit. There's no buzzing, popping, static, or any other (unusual) sounds from any of the speakers. The driver-door speaker & footwell sub are seemingly functioning w/o issue (likewise for rear-firewall center-speaker). The head-unit also appears to be working fine (volume, tuner, cassette/cd-changer, LED's, presets, fade/balance, bass/treble, etc).


It's a '94 NSX w/ ~75k miles, original factory Bose sound-system (both door speakers+amps & footwell sub+amp have been rebuilt in past few years).

Is a wire/connection loose in...

- passenger-door speaker/amp assembly?
- footwell sub/amp assembly?
- head-unit?

(I've never really worked on the Bose stereo-system, and I'm away from my factory service/trouble-shooting manuals)

Thanks, in-advance!


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I presume you've already looked at some of those links and know that Bose designed the system to have the amps mounted adjacent to the speakers they drive (the exception being the center rear speaker). Unfortunately, there are no simple diagnostics that you can run (like the a/c ones) to help you figure out what the problem is. In addition, the capacitors in the amps are known to leak and fail but unfortunately this can affect the amp circuitry in a million different ways so you can't conclude (for example) that just because there's no static, they must be ok. Having the amps rebuilt is also no guarantee that they won't fail again .. I've had mine re-done several times which is due to a combination of heat/cold; quality and grade of the replacement capacitors; etc.

Based on my personal experience, I'd say the highest probability is that the capacitors in your passenger door amp are the problem again. The next highest probability is the head unit. And there's close to zero probability that it has anything to do with the amp in the footwell. To diagnose further is going to take some effort. If you have an electronic component with a pre-out (not headphones) and a 12V DC power source then you could remove the amp from the door and connect them to the temp power & audio to see if you still get intermittant sound. Alternatively, you could remove the head unit from the center console; find, cut, and swap the left door outputs with the right ones and see if anything changes. Or you could just send the amp to Prime user BrianK and see if he will test it for you for a price. Either way, it's going to take some effort on your part and a willingness to start tearing your car apart. There is no other alternative. Sorry
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