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SoundBridge ROKU

12 March 2001
So I bought the M1000.

More here...http://www.rokulabs.com/products/soundbridge/models.php

This unit is great. Super easy to hook up and easy to use. The hardest part was deciding whether or not to drill a hole in the oak hi-fi cabinet that took me 6 months to build. The hook up was a breeze. The unit is packed with features. Best thing since sliced bread. I would suggest the unit to anyone looking to get mp3's to their home system. The sound quality is good but not excellent.

The unit sometimes needs to re-buffer files while they are playing which cause the music to stop while the file re-buffers. Anyone know what may cause this? I am transferring the mp3's wirelessly to the M1000. Could there be bits lost in transfer?

Also The screen is 1 inch by 8 inches long and my 39 year old eyes have a hard time seeing the display from across the room. Anyone have a solution to magnify the screen. I was thinking of using one of those magnifying rulers over the display. Anyone have a good idea that would also look clean when implemented?
Problem 1 solved with a new router. The linksys I was using was not compatible

Problem 2 solved. The Roku text size can be enlarged.
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