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My Cabin Technology Refresh Project (picture intensive!)

So how do you keep the tablet juiced up while the car sit in storage for weeks?

My current answer to that is to leave the key in the accessory I position (while parked in the garage, of course) to recharge it as need be. In the near future, I will root my N7 and install Timur's kernal. That will enable fast charging and automatically put the tablet into deep sleep when the ignition is off. This should greatly extend the period before full discharge.
Are these tablets still the best route or is using something like a 7" Garmin better? I'm mainly looking for GPS, Back up Camera, and possibly Bluetooth phone calls.

Buydig has the 7" Garmin for $120 shipped (refurbished). I bought one of these during the last refurb sale and it's brand new. I've played with it and it works well. I have plans to use it as a dedicated NAV system in my NSX.