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Spammers outsourcing to India? What next...

2 October 2001
I have tight spam filters, and usually delete email i don't recognize, but I accidentally I read this... and I'm glad i did, it's hilarious! The english is terrible, and the text is worse than an 80's action film. But thank goodness for "my friend" Mahatma though. :rolleyes: :D

If India's spam is anything like their phone tech support, i'm sure the spammers will go out of business very soon.

Topic Title: About your lovve prooblem, Neonsx

Evening Sir, Neonsx

How do you do there in New-York?
Me and Mahatma are waitin' for any news from you.
Don't you forget all your friends in India? :) As for us, we are all right. Mahatma got new job in farmaceuticals company here in Bjenin.
You ask me recently what to do to f*** longer. Hm, thats a problem, dude. But Mahatma told me about one s*** she making on she's job. Just put halv a pill under your tongue
15 minutes before boom shakalaka :) and f*** all night long. BTW, they could send it to you. Here their internet page http//defeater..net/cs/?blink It will solve all your problems, trust Mahatma :) Hope to see ya someday, write me about live abroad.