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speaking of spinners...

16 June 2003
Santa Monica, CA.
this is just WRONG!

money is NOT equal to SENSE...all i can say. :eek: :confused:
those barchettas are super rare too..


hence why I maintain that automotive shops should screen the owners :D:D ... this is a disgrace
So...if you were told you could have the car for free to drive but had to say you liked the wheels and picked them out yourself and could not take them off. You would or would not take the car???...and no you vcan't take it and sell it to buy 3 NSX's.
Money cannot buy taste....that is pretty obvious, or should be by now.
Spinners Be Da Joke

Last year I was coming out of a store and I saw a gorgeous Lexus with...you guessed it...spinners. I was in shock how someone would humiliate themselves while turning a nice ride into a shame. But in the next instant I started laughing outloud in the parking lot. To continue my amusement, I walk up to the car and gave one of the wheels a spin, only to laugh more and louder.

Then in a deep baritone voice a man of dark complexion (say, why do white people refer to each other as “bro” when they are not even related?) asks me what the @#$% I am doing. To which I say, after gasping for air to stop laughing, “Well sir, you bought these wheels to spin, so I spun one of them.”

“But they ain’t yours to touch, punk.”

“Yes, you are correct and for that I do apologize. However, if you don’t want your wheels to spin or be spun, you shouldn’t have bought them.”