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Stay away from 2NDWIFE!!!!!!!!

31 August 2016
I recently bought his Volk CE28 with tires and McGuard lug nuts and had the worst experience ever. The guy selling this rim is Fernado Quinonez, paypal is [email protected] from NY. He claimed on the post and text message that the rim had no scratches or marking anywhere. He shipped the rims w/ tires out to me and said he'll send the McGuard lugs in a couple days. When I finally received the item, there are scratch marks and paint chip on the outer rim. I wasn't happy and texted him some photos of the rims and open a dispute on Paypal. That got his attentioned so we talked and he was going to file a claim on UPS for damaging the rims. I thought about it that night about how hard it was to find a nice set of rims and the next day I decided to try the rims on to see if those scratch marks was noticable and turns out it didn't look too bad. I quickly texted him and told him I want to keep the rims and he can cancel the UPS dispute. He told me to close the my Paypal dispute and not knowing you CANNOT reopen the dispute again, i closed the dispute not waiting for him to finish sending everything. I waited couple days and texted him about the status of the lug nuts. No response.... UPS keeps leaving me notes that they want to collect the rims since he never closed the dispute. I messged and called him but no response for two weeks. I texted him one final warning if he doesn't call or text me back I was going to open up the Paypal dispute again (not knowing you can't). I even Facebook messaged him and he even saw it too (probably laughing at me since I can't reopen the dispute).Next best thing was to call my credit company and let him deal with them. They refunded some money back to my card and will deal with him. Lesson learned! Never close a dispute until you receive everything you were told you will get.This was his post:http://www.nsxprime.com/forum/showt...metal-Black-17x8-33-18x9-5-22-w-Advan-AD08R-s