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Stereo install problems

20 November 2007
Puyallup, WA
Anyone looking for a place to have stereo work done should be careful about Car Toys at Issaquah. I had them install some stuff, and they managed to put two screws into my gas tank. Of course, they're paying for the work, and Zahntech had me fixed up the next day, but it was still an inconvenience.

Sometimes I think the car is cursed. Anyone but me or John Zahn touches it, and bad things happen.

You let Car Toys touch your NSX? eek. I wouldn't let them touch any of my cars, ever. I'd rather do the work myself then trust those guys. I wouldn't want to leave that kind of car in their hands unattended either.

I guess it could've been worse..
Yeah, I wouldn't have done it except that I talked to the guy who did the work before I left the car- I guess I'm either really gullible or he's a good liar, because he convinced me that he had experience with the NSX. I just didn't want to mangle my center console with a dremel. Joke's on me, ending up with a different part of the car mangled.