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Stereo Progress

10 July 2004
Planet Earth.
Here are some pics on the conversion I have been working on for my boss. Still trying to finish the sub encloser so I can post photo of that.

On the doors, I found the standard mounting panel sets the speaker to far back. I added an extra 3/4" spacer behind.

See how nice and tight the amp mount is. I made a custom tailored mounting panel, after removing the factory cd changer. Gives lots of extra space in the trunk, compaired to the factory set up.

Still looking to see of anyone interested in buying custom sub box?


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Sub is done. Waiting for final production to post installed.
Plus, I changed the color of the dash, and added a power plug.
Will update soon...
I am interested in a custom sub box and a set of door plates... Email me [email protected]