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stock intake manifold

14 November 2006
Pleasanton, California, United States
So I am starting a new project and need to send out my intake manifold to either CFN or NX to get the direct port setup done apparently this is harder than other cars and I don't wanna mess up a stock intake manifold doing it myself. so I need a manifold but don't want the downtime lol, anyone got a stock 3.0 intake mani I could steal for a few months to send to get done and when I swap em out I will give you mine back :)
I should have mine sitting in the garage somewhere.

Nope the NSX stereo is still being worked on. I'm waiting for a new OEM center con$ole to come in before I hack my current console. :) I've also decided to ditch my Alpine for something else.

Center Console

I should have mine sitting in the garage somewhere.


Otto, I have a custom center console for a double-din if your interested, I never got around to upgrading my stereo. PM me
damn you MAK Fraggin thread jacker!!!!:mad: :wink: :biggrin:

Ha ha I knew you would get me on that! ha ha :biggrin: Actually I should dig up my stock manifold for you too.