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Strange Engine Sounds


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25 September 2000
Tyson's Corner, VA
Just bought a 91 black/black several months ago. Never have I smiled so much while driving as I have in the past few months. I have not had any problems, but was curious about the typical engine sound these cars generate. As I don't know any other other owners I have nothing to compare. When driving on quiet residential streets, I hear a fast tapping sound that speeds and slows in accordance to RPMs. You can hear it at idle as well but not as loud. Curious of other's experience and what I can do about it.... If it means anything the car has 50,000 miles. Thanks in advance
sound like the vales at your mileage and year probably due for an adjustment.

My local acura dealer told me that you can never fully get ride of the chatter...
Same here..even AFTER I had the valve adjustment done, there was a slight pitter-patter of the valves at Low-Rpm's and very little throttle..probably because there isnt enough engine noise to mask it at that low speed. On a cold start the valve clatter is especially bad. The Acura guys told me that alot of the older one's sound that way, and short of a total engine overhaul there's nothing you can do, although it doesnt adversely affect your car (according to them).
How much should I expect a valve adjustment to cost at the dealer?

You said you still had this noise after the adjustment, did it quiet it at all?
Thanks again.
As far as my untrained ear could tell, the sound really didnt change at all. It might have seemed a *bit* better but thats about it. Once the engine warms up it seems to pretty much disappear. Also, I have a K&N cone intake which makes quite a bit more engine noise, and drowns out the pitter patter of the valves. So that may make a difference. I also bought mine at 50K just a few months back in May. So I bet we are hearing the same thing.