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Strange response from Civic Owner

9 March 2000
Sacramento, CA
Normally when I see Civics /Integras / etc I get smiles, thumbs up, the occasional "Hey Nice Car". However today as I drove into work today, as I normally do, I passed a Civic who gave me the finger and a nasty look. I did nothing to provoke and did nothing to respond back but what's up with that? What kind of responses do you folks get when you drive your respective cars?

People sometimes whip their necks and almost cause accidents. Most of them just stare.
And some of them..just try to race. (hehe BRING IT ON!)
I sometimes get idiots in there Civics hanging on my ass around town thinking there cars are fast, with wheels that are worth more then there cars. Integra owners seem more normal. Civic owners have a brain disorder, I think its because there cars are at the bottom of the food chain econoboxes and they think that there driving a Ferrari.
Is it just me or are people with Honda cars nastier toward us then people that drive cars of other makes? It seems that way to me.
hey hey,

Hey man, enough of the flames!
I drive a Civic, and I don't have a big attitude problem. And about the brain disorder, most of the guys are just WBBR's (Wannabe Bad Boy Racers...yes I made up this term).

It's not like I don't want an NSX, it's just that I don't have the cash right now. Hell I'm still working my ass off, cutting down on stuff just to save up for this car. It all comes down to all that tax and stuff that the gouverment takes...55% income tax. Welcome to Canada.
And Civic's are not at the bottom of the food chain. Neons and other american cars are.
And Civic drivers who try to drag NSX's are just plain stupid. Thoses are the ppl that need help, not all Civic drivers.

There is no need for flames against other cars or owners of other cars. It is not welcome here and will not be tolerated.

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Did not mean to cause a flame again, just wanted to see if my isolated incedent was actually isolated. As I stated before most of my encounters are positive, it is the bad apple that spoils the bunch.
Good point, I don't go goo goo over Porches either but then again I don't give them the finger either.
-->> "Civic owners have a brain disorder, I think its because there cars are at the bottom of the food chain econoboxes"

Bottom of the food chain? They may be cheap (pardon me, inexpensive), but they are pretty cool cars. And as far as the hot-rod civics go, I don't know what the import scene in your town is like, but there are some civics here in Austin that will flat out smoke your NSX stop light to stop light. I'm not a Civic owner, but as an import racer, I have a LOT of respect for them. Go to an import drag event as see what kind of cars are kicking everyone's butt -- they will be Civics. When I line up at the Christmas tree, sitting next to a Mustang or a Supra doesn't bother me, but a little Civic that revs like a chainsaw means big trouble.

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