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Strange tool in with my lug wrench

11 January 2021
Ontario, Canada
I found a strange tool in my trunk. In with the lug wrench was a 4" long steel tool with 21 mm male hex on one end and 12 mm hex on the other. I can't figure what it's for or find it in the manual:
1. Tool to convert a 21 mm socket to 12 mm Allen head? Odd since lug wrench is 19 mm, not 21 mm, so it won't work with that.
2. Tool to convert a 12 mm socket or wrench to 21 mm Allen head? What needs a 21 mm Allen key?
3. It's 1/2 lb. Added to balance the car when wiper fluid reservoir is over 1/2 full?

I found it when I went to check my compressor. Since I go through a compressor every 5 years in my Jeep, what was the chance my 26 year-old was still working? Still working!
Spark plug box wrench?
It has a male hex on both ends, so I don't see how to use it for spark plugs.
maybe it opens the Ark of the covenant..:eek:
Not OEM but used for aftermarket tuner style lug nut.
Probably at some point before your ownership, someone had aftermarket wheel.

Ah yes, those "interesting" Volk GT-C's from Owner #2 . I should have thought of that. Looking at the pics I can see that style of lug nuts now. Binned - I've now lightened my NSX by 1/2 lb!

Thanks Kaz! You are encyclopedic!