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Supercars of Houston meet this Sat April 4th 2015

8 September 2007
Houston, TX
I am going to be there and wanted to see if anyone else is going?
They have moved to a bigger spot and they still run out of place.
Should be a good turn out since the weather looks great.


Didn't realize they moved from the West Ave Kirby location to Washington street. I guess I need to go now since its only a 5 min drive from me now. Probably see you there if I get up early enough to get parking.

Good video...first black car with stock wheels is me and the yellow at end was Houstonbuckeye. The other black NSX with gold wheels I didn't see and don't know, probably this video is spliced from 1 or 2 meets.
Texmorales, I think I met you back in the oct meet. You had your son with you?

Not me, as I am kidless. I hope so.... See u at the meet. Going to grab a quick service at C&M with Carl.
When is this happening again. With all the crappy weather lately, we need something to look forward too.