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TB/WP Shop Recommendations in San Jose CA area

10 February 2020
Hi All, I have a 1991 NSX with 12K miles. It's way overdue, time wise for the TB replacement. It's time to get it back on the road. This car has interesting history. It was given to the owner of Brix Racing when he was campaigning the NSX with CompTech and Parker Johnstone in the IMSA series. Brix had back problems and couldn't get in/out of car so he sold/gave it to me with about 1500 miles. This is a bone stock street car not the team race car. I'm looking for a local shop that knows these cars.
I agree with [MENTION=34822]I_M_Legend[/MENTION]
Take my car there and always been pleased with their services. I actually take all my cars there and I usually find at least one NSX in their lot or work bays.

Tell the shop about the interesting story of your car. I bet they would love to hear about it.

Good luck with your services and let's see that car of your on the road.