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TCS Light 4 long, 4 short error code

30 January 2022

I do apologise with all the questions, i am getting my car back on the after it's sat for a while.

I shorted the pin and counted the lines, 4 long and 4 short which suggested Rear Right sensor.

As mentioned the car had sat, the Wheel speed sensors had been disconnected at the cable end, not on the wheel.

After pulling the code, i unplugged it, it had corroded. Sprayed in some electrical cleaner, was able to clean the contact pin at the top but because it is so narrow i was unable to clean it all the way down the plug. I kept plugging it back in and unplugging thinking with some electrical cleaner this would help.

Still getting the error code, pulled fuse ABS 2,3 as suggested by the manual. Light comes back on.

New NTK sensor is £268 would replacing the sensor likely resolve the issue? I would like to avoid wasting money but it if makes the issue go away it's worth the money.

If you have a good quality digital multimeter, use it to check the resistance of the actual sensor from the sensor terminal plug. Resistance should be 700 - 1200 ohms. If the resistance is infinite the sensor has an open circuit and needs to be replaced (check the pigtail for damage that might be fixed by a splice). If the resistance is much less than 700 ohms then there is likely a short circuit in the wiring. Check the wiring pigtail for damage or contamination. If you can't resolve the low resistance problem the sensor must be replaced.

You should be able to de pin the internal electrical terminals inside the plug body and withdraw the wire and terminal from the plug body. This would allow you to check the terminal and clean it thoroughly.

Contact cleaner won't hurt; but, if you need to improve the electrical connection try applying a little drop of CAIG DeOxit D100L on the terminal which can sometimes work miracles on poor electrical connections. Use sparingly because D100L is a little pricey.