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TCS Light - HELP!!

2 October 2007
Has anyone on the forum had this issue?::confused:

Normal driving conditions, the car will "blip" (it seems like there was a sudden loss of fuel and the car "stalls" for about 1/4 second. The TCS light comes on and stays on.

Depending if I'm going or not at the time of the "blip", it happened once where I was stopped at a traffic light and the car stalled out. I had to wait about 1 minute and the car started up fine.

If I'm travelling at any sort of speed and this happens the car corrects itself and doesn't stall out.

Ive tried bypassing the TCS (so i actually hit the switch to turn off the TCS) prior to driving, but it still happens.

I've pushed the TCS button after its happened, and the light on the dash doesn't turn off.

Thoughts?? Could it be a defective TCS switch?
Thanks, i had it checked out at a local shop and they came back with the same diagnosis for the ignition switch.