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TCS light intermitantly comes on

7 July 2012
Kelowna BC
The TCS light in the centre fo the dash started coming on yesterday. Then I stop restart the car and it goes out. This is not the "tcs off" light. When this light does come on the tcs off button does not work. I have not tested if the tcs system is engaged or not when the light is on. Just started the car and cant get rid of the light now at all. Any ideas?
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The most common reason the TCS warning lights is from using tire sizes that change the front-to-rear outer diameter significantly different from stock. It can just start happening without a tire change because the tire sizes may have been barely okay when the tires were new, but not as the tires wore down (and the rears always wear faster than the fronts).

What size are your front tires and your rear tires? It should be on the sidewall, and look something like 255/40ZR17. And what year is your NSX? (Yes, the TCS is different for different years.)
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I am running 215-35-18 and 265-30-19 on volk gt-v.
I dont think it is tire wear at all i have a serious negative camber issue so inside wear is happening. maybe the recent cold weather has cause a dro in tire pressure either in front or rears? does this mean the tcs does or doesnt work. I would hate if tcs is stuck ON! when i hit the tcs off button it does not light up on the dash. I wonder if i went for a drive and got the tires heated up to temp if that would make a difference or even ad a bit of air in the rears? im only running 35 psi i think the tire can take 44 at least.
So if you turn off the TCS then there are no problems? Sounds like your rear tires are slipping due to cold weather/pavement.