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telephone tweak

4 May 2001
Stockholm, Sweden
If you got nothing better to do and have access to some tweaking software....
Hey Chris, I hope the top-logo of your avatar isn't copyright protected, in that case I've to pay royalty


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That is really cool. I wonder if you can do that with crappy nokia phones here in the states.

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Just don't try to sell the logo for money because I borrowed it from the NSX Club of the United Kingdom. It is their official logo on their website.

Originally posted by swede:
What kind of phone do you have? Is it GSM -1900? then I can fix it.... private me your celluar # at [email protected] and we'll try it out....

In the states it's GSM at 1800. I have a moto tri-band I use around the world. Can you tweak that?
the logo is not for sale, it's for free if any body wants it.
the phones I'm can currently modify is ericsson and nokia. for nokia phones I can send it as a SMS. ericsson is a little bit trickier, but it can be done.
however, the design look much nicer in the ericsson (4gray scales). send me you cellular # and make/model and lets give it a shot.

Enjoying life at 8.000 RPM
I had an attempt on my nokia, this still looks quite close to the original but with no greyscales. If anyone wants it, email me ([email protected]) with your full phone number and I'll SMS it.


SMS does definitely work to the USA (Pacbell, Voicestream, etc I know work as I roam on them when in the USA). I think the logo size (76x21) is compatible with most nokias...