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Thank you from Auto Innovations

7 April 2005
I just wanted to thank everyone for their continued support and all the referrals that you have sent. It is really appreciated. If anyone has any questions or concerns about suspension or alignments, please let me know. I just added a Yahoo Id for messenger if you also want to get a hold of me there: orlando_autoinnovations. You can also call me @ 408-956-8004. Once again, Thank you very much.

You're welcome!

I have been a satisfied customer since 1993? Gosh, has it been over 12 years now? Geez...time sure flies...
I'm glad to be a customer of Auto Innovations. Orlando is the nicest guy you'll ever meet and he really cares about his work. If anyone needs a reference for getting work done there, please feel free to PM me.
Add me (and my car!) to the list of satisfied customers. Orlando's service and attention to detail have been nothing short of superb.

Orlando is great guy - shop is super-clean and the equpment is lovingly taken care of, which shows how he will treat your car equally respectfully. He has installed some special extra-long low angle ramps to get your car on the rack without scraping even extremely lowered ones, so that is an especially welcome custom addition.
All round, an A1+ class experience - & very reasonably priced too!!!!!!!

Hey - Orlando - you got room in the lot to host an NSX meet - could be about 20 cars show up! We'll chip in for sodas & BBQ!
Good idea! Maybe a Saturday Alignment Day :) hehehe.

D'Ecosse said:
Hey - Orlando - you got room in the lot to host an NSX meet - could be about 20 cars show up! We'll chip in for sodas & BBQ!
Orlando just installed, (4/8/05) my new Bilstein shocks, (lower position) and did the 4 wheel alignment on my '01 NSX-T.

Orlando is a super guy; he really does take excellent care of your car, just like it was his own. He did a terrific job and my car looks so good now that I could not wait to drive it this weekend.

Orlando also installed the wheel spacers I got from Nalesh (thank you again Nalesh) 20mm front and 25 mm rear, what a difference between the lowering and the spacers. I just love the new look.

Orlando, I will definitely be back for more stuff in the future. I whole heartedly recommend Auto Innovations to anyone with an NSX or any other car on which they want to do suspension, tires and rims.

Thanks again,