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Thanks to Andrie and the Dyno day!!!

27 June 2000
Andrie - thanks for setting up the dyno day this past saturday at Dynospot Racing in Mt. View! Great guys there! I'll be going back to get my car tuned when I get the VAFC in!

BTW - I like to thank all the NSX guys (and everyone else too!) for beig so friendly! Especially since I was the only GSR there to dyno!
I was a little intimidated at first 'cuz there were all the great NSX's, an F355, M3, TT Supra's and so on. But you showed a brother love (especially since I was drooling all over your cars! hehe!) I got 162.7 whp so I was happy. With tuning I should do better! Thanks to Andrie, George and everyone for a fun day! And George, that exhaust is LOUD! Nice and mean though! The way we like it!

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Dang! I didn't know an F355 was going to be there. I left too soon

A great time was had by all. I enjoyed seeing all those NSXs and other nice cars. I gotta say, though, getting up on the Dyno was a little scary for a newbie like me. But I got 241.6 whp for the ol' girl.

Thanks again Andrie for hosting!

-Bob ('94 #496)
Ryan Smith has pix from Andrie's Dyno Day on his streetracing.org website. Here's a link:

<a href="http://www.streetracing.org/events/dynoday/index.html">Dyno Day pix</a>

Thanks Ryan!

-Bob ('94 #496 "ZIAS DAD")
Just finished seeing those nice picture from the dyno day. I wonder how much hp does the TRD Supra have? That car looks awesome, he just need to fix his front bumper tho

The black NSX with the Volk GTP wheels is really nice too. I've the exact same size and style Volk wheels for sale, anyone interested?
Thanks everybody for attending. The dyno results will be posted at Streetracing.org as well.

I am not sure which TRD supra. But a black Supra did the dyno at almost the end of the day and get 500 Rear wheel HP.

It seems that all the stock NSX gets 240-242 HP. Only 11% drivetrain loss? The weather was in the 90s.
George - It only took a "few" months to finally meet! hehe! Next time I'm gonna have to bother you for a ride in an NSX!
I still haven't ridden in one yet!

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Andrie - It's for lame non-spelling fools like me!

Member of the BAAE (The Bay Area Auto Enthusiasts)