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The Dark Knight

16 April 2007
Wanted to see it last night at midnight. Sold out. They were saying on the news that this movie is poised to be one of that handful that cracks 100 million its first weekend, and it looks like they're right from what I saw.
So did anyone make it in? Is it worth fighting the crowds or should I wait until next weekend? Do you think Heath Ledger will get a posthumous Oscar?
Why am I asking so many questions?:confused:
Watched it, very good. The only criticism I'll give of it is that I wish it was rated R. Not because I wanted nudity but because it's not as violent as it could have been :)

Still - very PG-13++ sh. I saw it with my work group yesterday, seeing it again at the Imax this weekend with friends and family.

PS: Joker did steal the show! :p
I also saw it at 12:01am today. two thumbs up. great movie, I also agree Joker stole the show. The movie is fairly long, but moves right along, lots of action. Movie industry makes more money on a PG-13 rating, that age group loves to see movies, plus they end up dragging their dad to see it too, ask me how I know. :biggrin:
How does Heath Ledger compare to good ol Jack??? IMO, Heath has to pull out a miracle to top the original Joker.
I thought that Ledger did a deserving job of portraying a disturbing character such as Joker, it was a convincing role. I think that because of the PG-13 rating it was not as bloody and gruesome that it could have. I also couldn't understand why Joker could take such beating and yet have hardly a scratch?:confused: I can't say that it was a oscar caliber performance but he definately is getting more notoriety because of his death, imo. Yet I think that Joker is the reason that the "Dark Knight" will do well. I am also a big fan of Jack and to me Ledger is no Jack.
Man this has been built up. Guess i'm going to have to go see it.
I tend to agree with most of the ratings from Rotten Tomatoes and this one scored a 94%.
i stood in line to see it at 12:10 last night. Heath did just as good as Jack when that old batman came out. LOTS of storyline is one. Man they could have picked a better rachel dawes.

I actually like the 1st one better. It was no Ironman, but decent.
Saw the movie! It was great, and definately worth seeing. So many things I could say about this movie, but frankly you should just go watch it to see, as im too tired atm to write about the movie.:tongue:

Outstanding acting by Heath and may he R.I.P.
How does Heath Ledger compare to good ol Jack??? IMO, Heath has to pull out a miracle to top the original Joker.

INHO He murdered Jack's version, I mean it was amazing how real he made the joker, being a fan of the darker versions of Batman series of books I think there really is no comparison.. I will be seeing it atleast once more maybe twice, the film as a whole was so well written and didn't feel like two and a half hours to me at all! the first batman movie was garbage when I was 12 I liked it but Dark knight really is the true batman.

only bad thing is who the hell else are they gonna make a villian? I guess Ridler could work without the green outfit :tongue:
Overall - 9.5/10. Not in the league of Matrix but by far the best comic book movie I have ever seen.

It was a bit too long though.
While I enjoyed the movie a lot, I just could not believe a certain characters fall from grace.
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Yall must of not had nice cushy seats. :rolleyes:My wife and I were talking about how fast 2 face supposedly died, and were thinking maybe since theres so many villians, they are putting 2 villians to a movie and killing them off faster or something. Would make sense if they did it that way, but it's just a thought.
the amount of plot twists in this movie really kept you guessing the whole way. surprisingly enough it ties up every loose end it started with in the beginning of the movie. very few movies today do that. they usually leave it open for a sequel, this one didnt do that, which will be great because that means the next bat man will be a whole new story line, i am already excited