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The Honda HSC the 2nd Gen NSX that never was.

21 February 2018
Bay Area
I was recently reading through an old copy of VTEC Sports and ran across some pictures of the Hondas HSC (the supposed NSX i-vtec) successor. I really like this concept and while i do like the second generation NSX, I wish cars would could be as low as the HSC was. I parked next to an NC Miata today and it looked huge lol. Hope no one has posted these already.


I wanted to trade in my 2003 NA2 for this car. But it never came out, which led me to other brands.
I recall it was a actually powered by a C32B with further engineering work to get power north of 350. If they would
have fixed the Corvette / GT-R tail lights it would have looked just about perfect.
we all agreed that the hsc was a pretty car
For sure I would have added that to our stable of 2002 and newers - awesome looking concept that I believe would have sold in volume compared to present NC1. But alas, it was not to be . . . :frown:
we all agreed that the hsc was a pretty car

Except for the tail lights as mentioned. Unfortunately low front ends like this are long gone. Manufacturers have to leave lots of crush space on top of the power train now, so there is a nice soft landing for the deep thinkers sporting ear buds, and texting while walking out in front of traffic.
Sorry, but this is not a pretty car. :eek: Yuck...
A pointy beak with Veilside tail lights. No thanks.

Iam late to the NSX game and don't know a lot about the early cars or their development, but the HSC (2003) looks like a pretty progressive design, and very much in the mold of the 2003 Ferrari 360....... But a 300 HP vetec V-6 would not have been a Ferrari killer, nor would it have fetched Ferrari prices, much like today.....
the front looks like an evolution of the NA2

the back is trying too hard.

the profile is the only good view.

however, overall its ugly.
Love your representation of the Younger folks ....

this made me laugh. It reminds me of how manual transmissions are Millenial theft deterrent. I polled my sons senior class, 2 of them could drive a manual, and those two were "forced" to learn.

The HSC definitely has its faults like the rear end but overall I think it's very pretty, and very "Honda" looking with good overall proportions.
For some reason I always thought the hsc designer went on to design the 458 as they look similar to me. I definitely would have purchased an hsc had that been available
It's been almost 20 years since Honda unveiled the HSC at the 2003 Toyko Auto Show. This thing still looks incredible to this day!