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Things I should not Say about the NSX

47. Never discuss Zaino vs. Zymol with another NSX owner who prefers the opposite brand.
I can't believe you guys didn't come up with this one yet.
48. Do not race on road or blast the car on green light.
(Nothing to prove here. It is a fast car if not the fastest car in the world)
49. Never EVER drive over the speed limit, and if you do make sure you didn't enjoy it.
50. Never drive in the rain, the car melts.
51. Never cross any painted line, for any reason, ever. Even to save lives.
52. Never listen to the radio, you must focus only on the exhaust.
53. You are not permitted to be busy while driving it, and must answer incessant idiotic questions by the gas station attendant no matter how late you are for an appointment. You really should give him a ride too.
54. Your NSX reads these forums. You are not permitted to ask questions about or speak positively about other cars. Your NSX will read this and kill you in the night like a coked-up Anna Nicole Smith.