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Thoughts on Future

28 February 2003
:rolleyes: Here's a thought...

Here's my prediction (ready Ken?): Honda is getting ready to get into sportscar racing (per AutoWeek)...ALMS with V-8 engines based on their out-of-house-built IRL engines initially. Toyota is getting out of the IRL business leaving Honda with a dominating presence there.

Now, here goes...

Honda will soon develop their own NEW IRL engine (to new, "low cost", production-based rules), migrate it into ALMS in P2 and P1 (with FI in P1 class)...all this within the next two years. They will then introduce their HSC or whatever, with de-tuned, production version of this engine. HSC's w/ this V-8 will also be entered into GTS in a factory program like the C5-R...And...

Presto! Within 5 years We'll not only have Honda dominating IRL (and Indy 500) like they are now, but will have won 24 hrs of LeMans in THREE classes and have race-proven street car to boot...WITH the V-8. There will be a couple years between end of NSX and start of HSC. Look for NA V-8 HSC-type car in several years, w/ FI cars to follow. 500 hp WILL be done.