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Time for an upgrade


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19 September 2004
Couple of weeks ago my nephew took the Nissan GTR out... story cut short, the car overheated - waterpump was the main suspect. Had it checked out - the gaskets needs replacing, one of the pistons was suspect. Well, decided good excuse to get some internal job done

Before pics


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Set of forged pistons, have to rebore the block with this new sets
GTR N1 waterpump (no excuse this time :biggrin: )
Nismo's bearings and then some etc.....


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Are you sure that is not his kitchen floor? :biggrin:
Life must be hard drivin an R33 and all. Cool pics.
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I know that shop. Sometimes a mechanic from Jun would come and tune cars there. Very good shop and only sell top quality performance product. Good luck on the rebuild.
IsR said:
Its the workshop were I sent the car... personally I don't think its a good idea

Jin1976 - Well... thats another story- presently north of 5k, I think my nephew's getting the bill :rolleyes:
Wow.....sorry to hear of your misfortune. Good luck getting the car fixed and back on the road soon.
Well, here's an update. A man offered to buy the car 'as it is' condition, he's been call/messaging me for the last 3days!! :confused: And in a way I somehow agreed.Eventhough we were planning to sell the car evetually, felt a bit sad :frown:
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