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time for new tires...any suggestions for budget rims?

22 September 2012
Its time to get new rubber.
Im new to the wheel/tire setup.
Whats a good combination that will work in the northeast (wet, dry, cold but not snow)?
Ive got a wheel budget of preferably between 500 to 1200. Color should go well with a BB 91'.
if this thread has been done link me up, but im basically looking for
links to combos that other members here have been stalking as an economical "alternate" to their fancy advan model 5 setups lol...since i cant afford that right now.

thanks for the help....
also is there a tutorial/pictorial/video on the numbers for the NSX setup?
ps: i keep seeing the rims on corvettes that look sorta like the model 5s with the paired 5 spoke --- will they fit an nsx? :tongue:
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XXR 522
17x8 +48 front
18x9.5 +38 rear
I paid $460 for the entire set (4 wheels) shipped to my door.

On my car (for tires I had Dunlop Star Specs in 215/40/17 and 265/35/18)

On LMR's car