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Tire sale scam over in MBWorld & great detective work

4 July 2007
not sure if this is a repost, but I got this off of bimmerfest and posted it on acurazine too, I thought it would be go to post here too.

Check out this thread:
and if you like, sign in and identify yourself as a bimmerfester--we bimmerfolks were the first non-Mercedes car people to show support.

This thread is fascinating reading, and is beginning to gather the same momentum as the dooma350 ebay thread a couple of months ago. Evidently there is a scammer claiming to have a nice set of MB wheels & tires which he keeps selling, and then when they don't arrive he just blames DHL, keeps the $$ and disappears. But--this time the MB community got together and did some great detective work (one guy did magic with Photoshop to get his license #, another one did some network traces) and they have narrowed things down to his area. Meanwhile, a couple of other people who were scammed have spoken up with additional info. If you have a couple of hours to spend reading the thread, or even scanning, it's another great example of the power of the Net communities.
Apparently our friend "Nick" now rolls with the Benz crew. :tongue: :biggrin:
Damn I need to get this group to focus on a hacker who hit one of my databases. If I find the little bastard I'm going to strangle him.

They keep embedding a script link to/from this domain:

http:// www. dota11.cn

(don't go there in case there are other scripts/etc)

It is f**king with people's machines, embedding virii, etc.
yeah he was actually mentioned on one of the pages of the post. That was some amazing detective work to find out all that info, especially undoing the photoshop boxes over the plates.

haha yup! on post # 2304...

celbii says "Man that would own if it beat nsx."

Thank God this f**k3r hasn't been to our board......(the scammer)

Someone should link the "Scam the scammer" thread we had going on here a while back... from R_34 (i think thats his username). He's a bloody genius!