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Titanium VTEC..you had a red one before?

14 March 2008
TitaniumVTEC..what happened to your red car, I just saw pics from 2004, nice looking ride. What size rims/tires did you have and what suspension system?
Sorry for the extra slow response. I sold the red one and then picked up a white one a few years later. Long story. ha, ha

The rims were 17X8/18X10 Fikse FM10. I do not know the offsets but I ordered them for an NSX and waited about 4 weeks for them to be made. Longest month of my life. ha, ha Great wheel and not vey popular (which I like). Their site is www.fikse.com

Please PM me if you have any other questions.

I bought Mark's rims the other day, nice guy. I think he must have some Canadian in him, can't hide the accent. Hope we can get together some time, I went to the Dragon last sunday, I'm not going back on a weekend without a line of car, almost a cycle wreck right in front of me. A turbo'd 240 sx followed me for awhile, he couldn't hang.
Lets see some pictures???

A few us went for a drive on Sunday also. Headed west out to Tellico. There is a nice route we take with very little traffic most of the time. PM me an email address and/or phone number and I will get in touch with you the next time we go for a little cruise.