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Torn CV boot

7 February 2001
I just put my new rotors on last night and noticed that my CV boot on the passenger side is torn. any ideas on parts and labor? I will not go to Acura New Orleans and that is the closest dealership to have service done. can this job be done by a regular service shop or is it Acura specific? thanks
Anyone can do it but I would suggest that at a minimum you make sure (a) they have a service manual, and (b) they are using genuine Honda parts.
I've replaced the CV Boots in my Infiniti and my old Corolla FX, but I'd think twice about doing it again. Very messy job. Also, the little retaining clippie things are very difficult to do on the engine side -- that part was the toughest.

I'll be getting a qualified Acura shop to do my NSX when it comes up.