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Torque spec help

22 September 2005
Mounting an exedy stage III six puck hyper single disc tomoro. I mounted the flywheel at 76 ft lbs does that sound right?

What procedure should I follow for mounting the disc and pressure plate. I mounted it tonight but I think my torque wrench is wacky so im going to remove and re-install it tomoro. I was told 16 ft lbs on the pressure plate. Is this correct?

Also whats the best way to help with chatter. I Was told there was ways when mounting the pressure plate to lower probability of chatter. Like tightening the bolts in a star pattern 1/2 rotation at a time. anyone heard this?

Any info will be helpful. BTW I got the headers installed and it went fairly smooth.:biggrin:
Torque specs are correct for the flywheel, and the spec for the presure plate is correct for a stock OEM pressure plate, but for the Exedy, ask Exedy. I know the RPS is different then stock, so the Exedy may be too. For Torque sequence review the service manual, since it is nine bolts in groups of three, there is a pic in the book which has the bolts numbered.

Minimizing chatter for that clutch will be more based on your left leg:).

Getting a hold of exedy has been a rediculous. This should be fun.