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Toyo Proxy T1-R tires

27 October 2004
Has anyone tried the new Toyo Proxy T1-R tires?

I has been waiting for matching pair of front T1-S 205/45/16 for months. Was told T1-S is discontinued with T1-R been the new and improved version. So had no choice but change my order to T1-R, should have tires in 2 days.

I was told they are even lighter than the already lightweight T1-S :eek:
nsxtasy said:
Where did you hear this? I don't see anything about it on the Toyo website or on dealer websites like Sierra, Les Schwab, etc. I've heard about its availability in other markets, but not in the United States. :confused:

I should have them tomorrow.

Toyo USA is probably trying to move the remaining stock of T1-S tires, that may be the reason why the Toyo USA site has not been updated. Toyo Canada's website have T1-R listed.

I contacted Toyo customer service. They adviced me to change my order to T1-R or I can try ordering T1-S 205/45/16 from east coast distrubutors. I have already waited for months.

Superautobacs also called Toyo to reconfirm availablility and changed my order to T1-R, the tires has already been shipped from Toyo.

I have toyo proxis t1-R on my honda shuttle ( small version off the odyssie you have in the us)

I have mounted 17 inch wheels with 235/45/17 tyres.

The positive off the t1-r is above the t1-s is that this tyre is not that noisy as the t1-s when the tyre is gone for more that 50% . ( sounds like broken wheelbearings)

THe performance and corner speed is very very good ( much better than the s type)

I ordererd the r types 2 mounths ago, the told us that those tyres where not available yet, than i told them i will chose another mark (michelin) and than sudden the tyres where available.

THe main reason is that the have a lot op t1-S on stock, and those need to be sold before they sell the t1-r.

I hope this will help you.

greatings ronny
from holland
Had mine for about 2 weeks and managed to put on about 300 km. I immediately noticed that they are considerably quieter than my old tires ... Yoko ES100s which were almost new. (I upgraded from OEM 15/16s to OEM 16/17s). The car appears to handle better but that may be just me being overly optimistic since I always thought the car handled amazingly well. So far I'm extremely happy with the tires, especially for the price and time will tell how well they wear.

IMO a much better tire than the Yoko ES100s and less money, at least where I live.
Caveman said:
IMO a much better tire than the Yoko ES100s and less money, at least where I live.
For whatever reason, the Yokohama ES100 is considerably more expensive in Canada than in the States (even after adjusting for exchange rates).
Replaced the fronts with T1-R last week. So far I like them, anything is better than balded tires. They are light, apporximately 19lbs, up 1lb from old T1-S :mad: Still 3~4lbs lighter than oem.
got them on the front 235/30 18's so far so good... already took them to the track..
I tried to order the T1-S yesterday for my customer but there no longer in stock in the wharehouse I use . Only The T1-R these tires are also offered in about 15 new sizes and should be a few bucks less .

I bought some new bridgestone potenza 040 for the front of my car two weeks ago . Wow what a great tire and also when you are driving over 200 km/h ( 140 mph ) the are very good


Toyo T1-R in the rain

Hello the Toyo T1-R is a good tire in the rain. You know here in europa we drive ( as most amerikan says like idiots) faster than you guys drive in the US

My honda shuttle ( small odessy for you) drives very good also at higher speeds. The weight off both cars are the same.

But on the NSX the better rain tire is the Bridgestone potenze E40 or E50

I hope this will help you