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TP's vs 200 cell cats?

14 May 2007
Beaumont, Texas
Anyone know if theres very much restriction difference in 200 cell cats and test pipes? TP's are relatively cheap but no sense in wasting $$ if theres not much difference. BTW, I'm not looking for HP gain just curious on sound. Thank you.
I'm running Angus 300 cell and before that his resonated TP. The TP were really loud. 300 cell were about 80% as loud. I prefer the 300 cell for sound.
Well I have the RS-R which is no comparison to lets say the Pride V1 or V2 but yet I'm quite happy with the sound and 200 cell cats. I was hoping TP's would wake it up maybe 20/30% more but if not then all I'll wind up with is a stinky exhaust.:frown: