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TURBO NSX Failed emmisions today!


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26 July 2010
Wildwood, MO
Because my OBDII connector wasn't fully secured. Gotta love Illinois and their new laws. I've never had this problem before.

I have the SOS subwoofer box, so apparently you can't use the stock OBDII bracket, so mine just hangs there.

Does someone have a picture of how it's supposed to be mounted?

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I made a small bracket out of a spare peice of AL that I had laying around.

Going to be interesting going back up there after all the hell I raised.
I have had them "warn" me about this too - the really funny thing is, they then proceeded to test it and pass me even though there are no cats in the car... gotta love the OBDII test!
The government will do as little work as possible to charge you the same amount of money.

And, yes... I love the OBDII test... I've recently been considering shopping for NA2s for that exact reason (easier to pass SMOG), even though I want a coupe.
If your turbo and pass smog something's wrong lol. And Canada doesn't count. You guys get r34 gtr, turbo nsx ehhhh. Pass in Cali is impossible :/