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Turbo rebuild

6 July 2023
Any shop recommendations to get a turbo rebuilt or new turbo installed?

Preferably in the Southeast US. I live in Jacksonville, Florida but may have to go out of the region for this set up.

Turbo was removed by previous owner, due to a turbo leak, I believe. The exhaust the turbo was set up with is still in the car. I don't see the intercooler but the car has top speed headers, an aem series II ECU, flex fuel sensor, and 1000cc injectors. Thanks.
PM stuntman
Garrett ec-1, not sure of size, can these be rebuilt or better to just replace?

I was going to get a quieter exhaust, but it appears the exhaust is custom for the turbo, so now I'm just looking into getting the turbo set up again if possible.