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Two new NSX future owners....

22 March 2000
Planet Earth
were born early this morning to my wife and I.

Our son is Jason Blake, and our daughter is Samantha Emily.

I promise that they'll use the search and wiki. :)

It's a wonderful day my friends. :D
awsome day for you both! Life will never be the same....I hope thier first words will be.." the nsx is a supercar":biggrin:
Congratulations! :smile:
Congratulations from a twin NSX owner!
(My twin also has an NSX. :D)


I hope thier first words will be.." the nsx is a supercar":biggrin:


You should hope their first words are not "trust fund".:eek:

PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN!!! :biggrin::tongue::biggrin:
Congrats DocL, I'm highly envious!
On Thursday I take my youngest off to Kent State- so for me the fun is over...
For you though your incredible adventure is just beginning.
Old timers like Neal will appreciate where I'm coming from.
Enjoy the adventure of your life, I'm sure that you will!
Warmly, Curt Sr.
Congrats Rob, you will have to bring them to the next Towers Meet.
Congratulations, parenthood is the ride of your life! Enjoy
This celebration may be premature. We need some pics to verify they do look like you and not like your tall, dark, pool cleaning guy.