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Type S in Right Hand Drive?

4 May 2009
Does anyone know if any of the 50 "Global" NSX Type S are going to be RHD for Japan, Australia etc.?
The only thing I know is that Japan have the option of 30 of those 50 - nothing else has been announced to date. I somehow doubt that 30 private individuals in Japan will eventuate (such has the low uptake thus far for the NC1), which may give the UK and Australia etc. a slim chance of nabbing a car or two in RHD.
Sadly, I'm not in a position to register my interest for another Type S.
Australia does not sell the NC1 anymore.
I am not sure if that applies to the TypeS. Thinking of that will the Type S be a NC2?
15 of those 50 world wide cars are going to Canada, that leaves just 35 cars for the rear of the world.

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Looks like NZ Nick is right 30 for Japan in RHD.