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Underneath clear bra, emblem glue?

14 May 2004
Sounds funny but I was in middle of re-badge my Acura emblem to Honda one.
And I used dryer and dental floss I was able to remove my Acura badge.

After removing the badge, I can see what white glue residual and some blue/green tint underneath the clear bra shape of an A. Surface is very smooth like how clear bra should feel like.

So the story is about month ago car had Paint correction + Clear bra + ceremic coat installed and I actually told my detailer to remove the badge and don't slap onto the clear bra since I was going to install a new one.
However I found out that they just slapped Acura badge despite I told them to take em off.

I thought it wasn't a big issue with them putting badge on but now I am imagining if they didn't even to paint correction before putting the clear bra.

So my question is can anyone tell just from looking at the picture if it was indeed underneath clear bra? I am just preparing for the worst that the detailer didn't even bother clear up scratches etc.

Already emailed the owner but haven't got anything from him yet. Figure I want to verify if it was me who damaged it or was it the installer before I do take the car back.

Looks like someone put a replied but post went away but I was able to see the reply. I guess MotorMouth93 might be right, as detailer didn't want to risk removing them..
I am still waiting for the detail shop's response and I will try to update yall. Never had this kind of issues with debadging other cars so it kinda caught me off guard..
I deleted my original post because after staring at the picture longer because I realized that my initial conclusion was likely incorrect. I was looking at it on my phone so I missed some key details.

If you look at the part I circled in blue, it's not squared off like the shape of the badge, it's rounded and too narrow, meaning that whatever this is was not covered by the badge.

I also misunderstood what you meant by the blue green stuff, I assumed you meant the paint under the badge was discolored a bit because I didn't look at the photo closely, not literal greenish stuff like this.

Basically, I have no idea what either of those things is and the detailer has some explaining to do.

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