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Update your interior lights to LEds from Fyreflys

9 June 2009
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Not sure if this is the correct place to put this. But, I thought I would share my experience with FyreFlys leds kit for the interior. The factory lamps are dull and outdated. There many options to pick from all over the web. I’ve decided to go with FyreFlys leds, I’ve had their kit in the past on my other vehicles and have been pleased. Priced good, quality is good, 2yrs warranty. 6k color temp. 3014 led type. It definitely updated the interior. Plus you can actually see better at night.
so, if you are in the market for some interior leds kit. Here is the link:

photos of mine. Sorry, I don’t know why the photos are flipped and don’t know how to change it.


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Did you experience the radio/dash lights dimming on brake application?

I tend to recommend red for interior lights. Keeps your night vision and reduces the "announcement" that you are in/out of your car. There also incandescents in the climate control, which require some custom reaming of the lamp pedestals.
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I have not notice any dimming of the dash light. Well, i was not looking for it. I will try tonight and see if it does anything like that. Personal preference i supposed, i dont really like all red interior lighting. Rarely so I drive at night really. Incandescent is ok for what it is. For me this was just a simple upgrade. A little “refresh” I supposed.
The dimming happens during the daytime, with the application of the brake. Seems to happen when the ashtray or lighter lamp is replaced with LED.


i just went out and check. No dimming issue at all. Tried it several times and everything stays normal. Cluster, clock, i have aftermarket radio. All stay lit without dimming. Tried with key at the ON position also. No change. So, i dont know?