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urgent. require coolant hose

23 April 2011
Melbourne, Australia
burst one of the 2 main coolant hoses going from the coolant pipes to the engine, located just behind the cabin, car is required for this Thursday so if anyone has one spare or knows where I can find one locally that would be fantastic, Honda is back order Japan, bursons, s.c.a and r&n have no listings, I can get one made up for $180 but that is to much for one hose imo.
Well he quite possibly is my savior, I have sent a pm, just waiting on a responce, btw you just want to meet all nsx owners lol

The NSX owners that I've had the honour of meeting to date have been champions.......really special breed who love our special cars......

The cars get my attention......haha. ;)
Hi Brendan19, I just noticed this thread. It looks like your OK thanks to Ian94 however, if you have any trouble let me know. I recently changed all 23 hoses and kept most of the old ones. (They were all in good condition) You will need to let me know exactly which one is required then I can check. Cheers, Tysama