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Powertrain Used A/T Engine Mount Set

8 February 2019
Atlanta, GA
Selling my set of 4 used A/T spec engine mounts from my 1990 JDM NSX, ~45,000 miles and est. 30 years of action when removed.

The rubber on some mounts has visible cracking so they would be good cores/candidates for the SoS mount refresh program, Cedar Ridge kit, or a DIY urethane/windowweld refresh.

Available new in JP for ~$600, not sure of US availability from dealers.

Asking $250 for the set of 4 plus shipping.


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FYI, only the left mount is unique to the AT. The rear one has 10mm holes that can be drilled to 12mm for the MT. The front is the same. Even the left mount can be tortured to fit the MT as 2 of 3 holes line up with the AT.

(after doing the AT2MT conversion, it seems every unique AT part but the transmission and shifter could have been designed out to be the same as the MT. Bad Honda.)
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