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Used NSX odometer/speedometer cluster

7 February 2001
The odometer on my NSX has frozen and no longer counting or moving. I'm told by a local shop it may be a simple motor inside, but because the individual little parts inside are likely no longer available, I'm better off just getting a whole used front cluster and swapping the whole thing out. They don't think the individual minor part would be available. I can only imagine a brand new one would be very expensive, so can anyone recommend where I can go about looking for a used one? I have a great local mechanic that can take it out, replace it with a used one and hook it all up. And there is a local speedo shop that can set it first to the correct number that the old one froze on.
So my next step is to find one of these somehow. I am also open to other suggestions as well.

I am just very busy and don't have much free time, so I need a solution that doesn't take an enormous time on my part. If I could find it, drop it off and have it done, I'd be a happy camper. Thanks in advance for any advice.
your SOL. about getting someone to roll miles. inless you do it yourself

buy a used cluster document everything cuz the next time you take it to the dealer they report to carfax the miles etc. there will be a miles discrep
and your future buyer will pass on your car. you car will be worth 15K who wants to take the chance on a car that they have no idea the Correct miles? I mean how long have you driving it like this so already the miles are off.

I have never seen one go bad. there are honda's out there with 500K miles same motor.

if your speed sensor is bad that may be the issue

I also have heard that they could come unplugged but thats almost impossible to do even on the bumpest of roads
the second red circle could have cracked from age or heat and popped off


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Yes, I am hoping it's something simple and can fix easily enough. I will pass on these drawings to the speedo shop and see when they look at it, if they can
easily see what happened. I'd rather not replace it if I don't have to.
Considering my car is driven 2-3 times a year (unfortunately) I'm not too worried as any discrepancy would be in the 100-200 miles range, that's how much free time I have to actually drive it. lol
you only drive it 2-3 times a year? sell the thing

let someone else drive it that will love the car for what it was made to do

be driven. sad rotting car.:mad:

probably why it stopped working the greese dried up. have the shop open it up take the motor off and turn it a few times to break it free then re-greese it put back together.

and your done
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