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Used parts prices

5 November 2002
Its not just this site but many others, including CL, etc.

If someone buys something, for say, $100 and NEVER uses it. I can see them trying to resell it as long as the product is the same as you can buy today, IE not a laptop that sat in a box for 6-9 months. Anyways, I can understand selling that item for 75-90% of cost new. Seems reasonable for a part that they just ended up not putting on the car.

But when someone buys something, USES it, no matter how little, this becomes a USED product. This part was only on my car for 3000 miles, or something like that. To try and sell it for practically the cost of a new one? Why would someone bother, when for 0-5% more they could get them DIRECT from the manufacturer? I mean, try returning a USED part back to the sell for a problem!

I have had this happen several times over the last month (talked to sellers who refuse to discount more than $5 or so from new prices) and decided to spend a few more dollars (literally) and get the item new from the manufacturer. Then the seller that I have been dealing with says something like "dude, you are weird" or something along those lines.

WTF? I guess someone buys there things.........

Just crazy.

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I'm with you, but I doubt anyone ever buys a used part for 90-95% of new unless it's so expensive that the 5-10% discount is saving them hundreds.

I see it here on prime all the time too, and in many cases people are selling things for MORE than you can buy them for new because they didn't do their homework and paid too much.
It depends on the state of the marketplace, if someone is willing to pay them 95% of the new cost, wouldn't they be "weird" to sell it to you for 80% of the new cost?

If they cannot get 95% of the new cost, this will become quickly apparent, and they will need to adjust their pricing, or hang on to the part until someone comes along who doesn't know what that part is worth.

If there is motivation to sell the part, and there are people who want to buy the part, the rest will work itself out.
You mean like spark plugs and OEM shocks...I crack up when I see those things for sale. Well, obviously there must be a market out there for these items somehow.

What is even worse is when they put a picture of a new part in the ad and when it finally arrives it looks beat. Buyer BEWARE!
the only time i would pay the msrp for a used part, or over msrp is for something that you cant buy anymore, it happens all the time with rare "jdm" parts,

but for something that you can still buy new from the maker like you said is ridiculous, just dont buy it, its always nice to get the origional packaging and receipt and warranty
It's really no different for parts as it is for cars. Some people have an exaggerated opinion of what their parts are worth. If the price is very close to the price of new parts - with the typical discount, NOT list price - then if they don't want to lower their price, just buy it new (or find someone else selling used for a more reasonable price). As scorp notes, they probably won't be able to sell the parts for what they're asking (unless they luck out and find someone who just doesn't know what they go for and doesn't shop around).