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various (new owner)

7 April 2000
Bought a 1993 NSX about three weeks ago and have several questions. I'll try to be very brief. 1. Driver's window thumps and groans with opening. Does the apparently commmon window regulator problem affect 1993's?
2. Slight squealing (not tires) from passenger side of engine with strong acceleration from 1st gear only. Belt slipping? 3. Alarm goes off when unlocking driver (not passenger) door. Told defective door switch. Understand part may be expensive but repair fairly simple. True? Where is this switch located? Thanks in advance for help. (Great website!)
I have the same problem with my alarm as well. It goes off when I unlock the door
with the remote. I haven't taken it to the
dealer yet. Who told you it was a
defective door switch?

Does anyone know how much this would cost
to fix?
westernb4, where did you buy your car from? A new/used car dealer or from an individual? If it is still under warranty I would take it back to the new/used car dealer and tell them to fix the car!! If you bought it from an individual, I would ask them have they experienced these problems. This is why we should all have a car inspected before we buy it.


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I'm In Bloomingdale IL and take mine to Acura of Brookfield WI (near Milwaukee).
John Vasos is the guy to ask for and he is a fantastic guy to work with(he is fanatical about each NSX as if it were his own)- (262) 785-1918. I was having trouble with my alarm as well. Mine had a loose connection. Five minutes to take the door apart reconnect and put the door back together and it has never happened again. Hope its that easy for you but if not they'll advise you on the solution.
Although it is a drive (less for you obviously)... IMHO They are head and shoulders above the Acura dealers of Chicagoland... When you walk in there is a decked out NSX that they race in the office (not a bad first impresion) I went to the Acura dealer on Lake and 83.. when I pulled in the service manager came out and said WOW WE I DON"T REMEMBER THE LAST TIME WE SERVICED ONE OF THESE (I left obviously) I have never been up Brookfield Acura for service without seeing 2 or 3 others there for service.

Kind of funny, even though I own one myself.. An NSX still mesmorizes me and can't help but stare?!

By the way that wouldn't have been you I saw in Oswego 2 weeks ago? That was the first time I saw another NSX while driving mine. Like I was saying earlier.. kind of funny how even though I was driving one at the time.. I still turned my neck so fast when I saw the other one I almost broke my neck!

Best of luck.

Pete Ghandour
[email protected] www.worldsportusa.com
Thanks for the info Pete. I haven't had my NSX serviced yet anywhere since I bought this past February except at Arlington Acura (where I bought it) where they agreed to fix the rubber strip inside the trunk and replace the tow hook cover (missing when I bought it). They replaced the rubber strip in 10 minutes.

How did you hear about Acura of Broofield?

I might consider going to that WI dealership. It's always good to get first hand testimonals. Besides, it would make a nice long drive. I haven't driven it that much since the weather has not been so great lately but I'm sure I'll drive it everyday when the summer arrives.

By the way, it wasn't me you saw in Oswego.
Ok, here is the deal...

I bought my NSX just last month on 17 March. After a month of almost begging and pleading with other Acura dealers to take my $90,0000, I asked Lud for help. I knew Lud from here in Blacksburg, VA. I guess that he put the word on the street here and within 4 hours, I had 10 cars to choose from between 1997 and 2000, some owners even offering to sell their own cars.

By far the most avid testimonials came from owners who bought from Acura of Brookfield. So, after working with Bob Strauss in sales, I decied to buy. I had to fly up to Chicago, IL where the dealership sent a car to pick me up. After an hour and a half drive, I got to the dealership and John Vasos was waiting. Everything said about this man is an UNDERSTATEMENT! He IS the reason that I was 100% satisfied with my purchase and he wouldn't let me leave the dealership until I was happy. The entire team there is awesome!

The purchase was short and sweet. Out the door for not much more than $81K plus a few options. Paid a small down payment on my American Express card and drove off in the new car. The drive back was 827 miles across 6 states. And if I wouldn't need tires and an oil change every time I needed service done, I would return to Acura of Brookfield even for routine maintenace... they are just that good! You can bet that for 15,000, 30,000 and 60,000 mile services the car will be serviced ONLY there.

Second Place: Goes to Polhanka Acura in Chantilly, VA. They see enough NSXs to have a couple of guys there that do almost nothing but NSX work.
Thanks G-man

Glad to see I'm not the only one. John is a phenom.

Jim- Give John a call. If he doesn't spend atleast 1/2 an hour on the phone with you talking about your car, I'll give you mine. I'm am due to go up soon a few more things I want to have done. I'd be more than happy to go up when it is convinient for in order to introduce you as well as talk to John about having the rest of my mods taken care of. Beleieve me, you don't need an intro... you NSX is intro enough. If you live in Chicago and own an NSX ...Brookfield is the place to go.

Like I said feel free to call for any help.

630 351 4249
Didn't catch that you lived in Chicago, IL. Pete is right. It is well worth the short drive to Brookfield, WI for the benefit of the experience that John and his team have.

I think John put it best when he said, "You know, even the NSX mechanics here drive and race NSXs. It gives them a whole new perspective on having to provide the highest quality service to your NSX when they know that next weekend, you will be hitting the brakes right behind one of them in turn 6 at the race track and he knows he is the one that just bled your brakes the week before".

I was so impressed with their entire operation, I wrote a letter to Acura so that the factory would know what a real Acura dealership was supposed to be like. This place should be a model facility for all other dealerships. Nobody else even comes close. I only wish I were not 827 miles away. If you are only 60-70 miles, then you should really go.

Gordon G. Miller, III
Y2K NSX #51
[email protected]
Davis Acura in Langhorne, PA (near NJ border) has a similar cult following among Northeasterners. Dave Davis owns and races NSXs as well. I have never been to AoB but I've been to Davis and the folks are top-notch.
Thanks Pete (again) and Gordon for the opinions.

I just hit the 30k mark so I will definitely consider heading to Brookfield for my 30k service. I also need to purchase new tires for the rears so maybe I'll have them mount them as well. There's not too many tire places I trust with my rims.

My friend's 3 friends each own NSXs and I wonder where they go for service. They all live around the Chicago area.

I'm glad I'm hearing solid recommendations on dealerships, such as Brookfield. It's hard to find good ones. I can personally testify to some bad ones. I also drive a 300ZX and got my turn signal assemblies stolen at the Nissan dealership while it was being serviced! They acted so cavalier when it came to order and replace them. Needless to say, I wrote the owner of the dealership and to Nissan USA Corp.

By the way, is John Vasos the service manager at Brookfield?
It's funny how these posts get off the subject, but I think I can be of help with your alarm question. My alarm goes off too, but only if the doors are locked with the remote while one door is still open. If the doors are locked remotely with both doors shut everything seems right with the world.
I look the door with the remote with all the doors closed and the alarm still goes off when I unlock the doors with the remote.
Originally posted by Jim:

My friend's 3 friends each own NSXs and I wonder where they go for service. They all live around the Chicago area.

There are eight or nine Acura dealers in the Chicago area. Some don't do much work on NSX's, but there are a few good ones.

Muller's Woodfield Acura in Hoffman Estates is outstanding. I've had my car serviced there since new and I can't be more pleased with the service. They have two very experienced NSX techs on their staff and both of them really know their stuff. They usually have a couple of NSX's in there for work. They've done some installs of short gears and other light mods. Great customer service attitude. Highly recommended. 847-519-9550. Service manager is Mark Dettlo.

Pauly Acura in Highland Park is equally competent, but can be slightly more expensive. They also have two experienced NSX techs on staff. Also recommended.

I've also heard positive reports about Continental Acura in Lisle. However, you'll rarely see an NSX at the other five or six Acura dealers in the Chicago area.

If you're looking for a place with experience installing aftermarket equipment on NSX's, check out TAD Motorsports in Lake Zurich. 847-550-8116 or www.tadmotorsports.com
Thanks for the info NSXTASY.

My friend bought his Integra from Woodfield Acura and said they are pretty good. From the paperwork left in my glove box, it looks like the original owner bought the car from Woodfield Acura (but he traded it in for a 2000 at Arlington Acura).


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