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VERY strange OEM stereo behavior

28 April 2000
SF Bay Area / Boston MA
Ok, ever since I've had my '94 NSX which I bought last March I've had this problem.

The left side speaker will intermittently cut out from time to time. Sometimes it will become quiet when I go over a bump or something... immediately, you would think its a connection problem if this kind of behavior happens right? Well, here's the weird part. If the left speaker isn't working, I turn off the main power to the stereo by pushing the left button. I then turn it back on after about 3-5 seconds and wala its working again. This only happens when I'm using the CD Player... When I'm listening the radio, both speakers work just fine always. But for the CD player the left speaker just keeps crapping out regularly. Its gotten extremely annoying lately, so I decided to post here to see if anyone else has had this problem. I first thought it might be the speaker's amp in the left unit going bad, but thats probably not it becuase the speaker works fine for the radio. My guess is that there is some capacitor or some connection problem in the main head unit or the CD changer itself.

Anyone have any suggestions or similar experiences?
Did you post this problem before, since i remember not to long ago someone with the same problem, where some reply's where.
Might have been on NSXSC.

Let me know if you can't find.

Originally posted by kenjiMR:
My guess is that there is some capacitor or some connection problem in the main head unit or the CD changer itself.

I haven't had any problems but from what you described I would say that your conclusion is probably correct. Does it only do this in hot weather?
Yea, I have similar problem with right speaker. Sometimes it will work fine for days and then somtimes it does not kick in after somthing like a speed bump will triger it or hard acceleration. I check all the wires and it is all fine
The NSX has a pretty annoying audio system at times. I just shelled out half a gran to "redo" my system's amps. The system sounds great now, like new (although I got my NSX used so I never had the pleasure of hearing a brand new system). Maybe this is what your experiencing. I check in the faq might provide a clue. After shelling out the dough I still have a problem when I play my CDs. There is a "static echo" whenever I play the music. Nothing seems amiss until the music starts to play and with each beat there is a static echo of equal tone and volume. I don't know if it is a problem with the "eye" or something else. I have checked and rechecked the CDs and they are fine. Any ideas??