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Wheels Weds Sport TC-05 Lightweight wheels 16x8 pair +29 great track wheels

10 August 2006
Ft. Lauderdale FL, Philly PA & Portugal
Weds Sport TC-05 Lightweight 15lbs wheels 16x8 pair +29 great track wheels


Lightweight, inexpensive, no spacers needed, ONLY 15lbs
JWL VIA certified light alloy made in japan, not cheap Chinese knock-offs
WEDSSPORT TC05 16x8 ET +29, great fit for track OEM sized rear NSX wheels
+29 offset will result in a similar fitment as using 25mm spacers, that are commonly used on OEM wheels. OEM is +60 offset, this Eliminates the need for heavy spacers.
The pair equals an 8lbs un-sprung weight reduction from 91-93 wheels, or 15-18lbs reduction if eliminating spacers. (25mm spacers weigh 7-10lbs)
a 12lbs weight reduction from 95-01 OEM wheels, or 19-22lbs if eliminating spacers .

recently painted glossy white have no nicks nor scratches and are known to weigh just under 15lbs each which is ALLOT lighter than the 21lbs 95-01 rear wheels and also lighter than the 02-05 OEM 20lb rear wheels or 91-94 OEM 19lb rear wheels.

Similar to Volk ce28n or NA1 NSXR wheels, for a fraction of the cost.

You can mount up to 255 wide maximum on these 8" wide wheels.
I use 245 widths which is OEM NA1 NSX-R tire size.
16" I hear is also a great size for mounting inexpensive drag racing tires (lots of tire availability)
This is NOT for the hellaflush crowd, this is... hella-functional.

$400 plus shipping Or Best Offer for the pair .
You can not find wheels this light for this low of a price
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